Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Does Instagram Make You Struggle?

There's some things I’ve been super aware of lately that I come back to pretty often, but don’t always feel like I know how to communicate them properly. I won’t try to say things perfectly I’ll just try. Sometimes I find it hard to find a balance here. I want to remember some of the best times of my life, to capture them and share them. At the same time, I’m aware it can give people the impression that my life is perfect (which it most certainly is not!). I've definitely had people make comments eluding to that or have friends that in the past have struggled with FOMO and comparison enough to make them a not so nice person anymore. On the flip side, I imagine that venting or complaining TOO much can lead to putting people off, causing me to seem ungrateful because other people have it way worse. Not to mention how obnoxious that would become. 

I honestly try to find a happy medium. I simply try to just keep it real. I’m a real person and I’m typically a happy girl. I’ve always tried to find the silver lining, the rainbow after the storm, the light at the end of the tunnel… Its who I am and I’ve always been that way. But, please don’t mistake that for my life being "perfect". I feel blessed to have a hard working husband and a healthy beautiful thriving family, but the truth is, we struggle on the day to day just like everyone else! My husband and I argue over dumb crap, my kids make me want to scream and drink, our income is so shaky most of the time because my husband is still in the early stages of starting a business and is constantly adding onto his business to grow it, which is wonderful, but it also means more money out and absolutely zero guarantees! High risk, high reward right? That’s what we hope for, and we pray that a lot. Living on a prayer has truly taken on a whole new meaning for us these past few years! 

I’m not saying this to make make you feel bad for me or to think I’m a soldier. I’m saying… Hey, my life is truly wonderful, but it aint perfect! We’re over here trying to find joy in the small things and to remember that ultimately God is in charge not us and up to this point, He has never once let us down even when its come down to the wire and we weren’t sure if we were going to make it… He pulls through every time. every. single. time. Maybe not always the way we anticipated, but still He does. I encourage you not to compare yourself, your journey, your family or your looks to other people's on the gram. You don’t know what their life is like and some people are happy not sharing “real life” things. 

Before I'm done ranting I just want to say...
Remember you are not alone and you are probably blessed way more than you know!
I'm all about doing life with other people and opening myself up because even if I end up looking stupid, I feel whole. I feel like when other people have taken a chance on me, opened up to me, been vulnerable with me, and cried and laughed with me, i've felt the most genuine form of love. Don't be afraid to be real, it attracts others just like that and builds the most amazing community of people. What's better than that?

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