Saturday, September 1, 2018

All About Hair

Ok guys, your votes are in and it's pretty clear that ya'll are curious about my hair so I'll do a little sharing of all my secrets that I don't tell a single soul. Haha I'm totally kidding. I really have no secrets! In fact, you're probably going to be surprised by what I tell you, or you might not believe me, but I PROMISE you it's all true! I should make it known that none of these brands have endorsed me or given me anything. This is just me guys, giving you my personal choices on purchases.

Ok so lets start with the product I use, then I'll share a couple ways that I keep my hair as healthy as possible and none of this is complicated whatsoever!

Dove Advanced Moisture shampoo and conditioner is what I use most. Yup, nothin' special, not expensive at all. I've tried other brands just to shake things up, but nothing leaves my hair as smooth as this stuff! I just keep going back to it. I'd say any shampoo/conditioner that has intense moisture capabilities is really what you want!

Once a week I'll use the Shimmer Lights purple shampoo or conditioner by clairol. This stuff is magic! And again super inexpensive! I typically won't use both, but if you're a blonde and you deal with a ton of brassiness, you totally could. I typically don't need very much and I'm not a huge fan of the smell (thats the only downside for me) so using both together isn't my favorite and kind unnecessary. 

This argan oil hair mask is a life saver! When I highlighted my hair 3x in a row (I know I'm an idiot, but too vain to leave it messed up guys) this stuff brought my hair back to life! I only had to use it a few times and my hair felt untouched! 

Eva NYC Mane Magic... it's no accident that "magic" is in the name. This stuff is AH mazing! Not only does it smell like heaven, but it has all natural ingredients (mostly argan and sunflower seed oil), it gives your hair a little detangling and shine, while it protects your hair against heat and combats frizz. A little goes a long way for me so it lasts me a while. 

A few tips/tricks to keeping your hair healthy...

I typically will wash my hair first in the shower and then condition it right after. Then I'll leave the conditioner on my hair for the rest of the time. The very last thing I do is rinse the conditioner from my hair before getting out of the shower. This gives my hair time to really soak in all the moisture.

Also when putting in the conditioner, I never near my scalp. My shampoo is a "moisturizing" shampoo so I try to stay away from getting the conditioner near my scalp to avoid oily hair, but I soak my ends in it.

I don't put heat on my hair everyday. Obviously in the winter time I end up blow drying more often, but in the summer or whenever I can help it, I avoid it. Same goes for flat ironing or curling. Those two things I do even less. I know not all of you can do that as often, but any break you can give your hair will make a difference. Sometimes it's just embracing your curl, or wave, or the in between and just rolling with it (with great product of course) for a day. Your hair will thank you!

I don't trim it super often anymore, but this does help a lot! When you're trying to grow your hair out, keeping the ends healthy to avoid breakage is so key! All the moisturizing and less heat helps majorly, but the next step is finding a hair stylist who can do a good trim to start, but then only "light dustings" after that. You may need to threaten their life, but it really helped my hair grow quickly.

I'm not a big fan of all these hair and nail vitamins. I think they're not always super beneficial but we all want a quick fix so we buy into it. A few women I know had strange things happen when they took these vitamins so I'm not really a huge fan though I have not tried them personally. I would just say be careful and pay attention to your body if you choose to take them. Read reviews and stop taking of you notice side affects. Acne was a big one... I mean lets leave my face looking cute with shorter hair thanks!

That's really it! Feel free to ask me more questions if you have them! I tried to hit on everything I've been asked in the past. I linked all the hair products I use in case you want to try any of them.