Monday, December 14, 2015

Meet Grace // Oh Purple Panda

Happy Monday everyone! I'm back and excited to share a really cool shop with you! Ever heard of Oh Purple Panda? Well if you are a mommy of a little one who loves to eat your jewelry, pull and pinch while you're feeding them, and love to wiggle and have a hard time sitting still (I think this pretty much covers all little ones haha), then trust me when I say, these beautiful necklaces are PERFECT for you and your little! It's called a nursing necklace because it's perfect for baby to hold while you are nursing know, instead of them pulling on your shirt or hair ;) Its clearly awesome for all kinds of other situations as well, like that little teething one or that baby that is always breaking your jewelry so you stop wearing any. The fabric is soft and safe for baby and so are the hardwood beads inside. They are completely non toxic and made to hold up through all the pulling and biting! I love them because not only are they practical, but super cute! Grace has made a variety of patterns to choose from so there's something for everyone! I like to wear something basic and then throw one on as a statement necklace because the patterns are so pretty. They're super light so you totally forget you're even wearing it! I definitely wasn't expecting that, but happily surprised! I only wish I'd had one of these throughout every single baby stage! Check out the ones I have below :)

I promise I'm not mad... It's just my normal face haha.

They're the perfect length too! I really love them and I just know you would too. They're also perfect as a baby shower gift! They fit everyone and are a great thing to have when the baby comes :) If you want a little "sneak peak" discount and be the first to see her new designs, go to and sign up for emails. You can also go to and use the code LITTLESLIFE20 for 20% off of your purchase now through December 31st! Now that you've gotten an idea as to what Grace offers in her shop, let's meet her!!

The lovely Grace!
Grace and her little beauty!

Where did the name "Oh Purple Panda" come from?

I wanted something unique and hopefully memorable. Purple is my favorite color and Panda is an endearing term I use with those closest to me. And I say "Oh, Adam" (my husbands name) when he's being cute or a little odd. So, put it all together and you get the endearing and quirky name Oh Purple Panda.


Who or what inspired you to make these beautiful necklaces?

The true need to give my grabby baby something to hold on to when she was nursing. I had to give up wearing all jewelry around her, for her safety, and I really wanted something to make me feel put together (that "third piece" you could say). The necklace solved two problems. She stayed focused when she nursed and I got my cute accessory.


What's been the hardest lesson learned so far when it comes to being a shop owner?

There's always going to be a part you hate. For me it's the taxes and accounting. But you have to do it! Another hard part is putting yourself out there. A business will not grow in a bubble. It takes networking and getting in front of people to succeed. I still struggle with that part.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I never have a typical day but I love my morning routine (family breakfast, coffee, Instagram, shower). From there I focus on what needs to get done. Fabric shopping (online), social media, sewing, market research, accounting, fulfilling orders, photography. Those are just some of the tasks I do each day. I also look for learning opportunities from other Etsy and handmade sellers.


How would you describe your personal style?

Casual/Contemporary. My wardrobe consists of skinny jeans, flouncy shirts and flats and of course tons of soft Oh Purple Panda necklaces.

If you could have any type of super power what would it be?

Teleportation. I would love to wake up and say, "hey, today I want to have an espresso in Paris" or "I'm going to spend the day at Disney World today" and then *BLINK* and be there. I hate planning, and I hate flying so the spontaneity of this super power sounds amazing.


What is a big goal/dream you have (business or personal...or both!)?

I want to run successful business with my husband. One that allows us to involve and empower our girls (the second one is due in March) in the business world and gives us a flexible lifestyle to spend valuable time with family. Life is not about the time between work. I want our work to be fulfilling and allow us to be a close and happy family.

Thanks so much for sharing Grace! It's definitely hard to balance having a family and owning your own business, but I love that you're pushing forward and making quality time a priority! And Teleportation! That would be incredible! I think you've really hit the nail on the head with style, comfort, and practical use when it comes to these beautiful necklaces! I know a handful of mama's personally that would really benefit from these beauties!! So glad you decided to make a business out of a great idea and I so look forward to seeing your business grow!

Don't forget to click on the links above to check out her shop and receive some great discounts! Also make sure you are following her instagram account so you don't miss out on giveaways and sales as well as new releases! 

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