Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Meet Ainat // Calinana Designs

When it comes to jewelry, I like having a couple statement pieces here and there, but mostly, I like simple and classic every day types. The kind that you can wear all day and it never bothers you or weighs you down, and then you can transition it into "going out" scenarios and layer on top of it even! That's one of the reasons I really love Calinana Designs! Ainat has done a terrific job offering a little bit of everything! But of course I'm a sucker for the classics always! All her jewelry is handcrafted in the USA and she uses all kinds of semi precious stones, metals, and leather to create beautiful, well-made pieces of jewelry. She even created a kids collection! I love the natural beauty that springs out of all of her designs and the attention to detail. I also must rave about the endless customizable options she allows her customers to have. You can literally change almost anything in her collection and even personalize some pieces! Like my necklace below... this gold initial hand stamped beauty is literally perfect. I can wear it alone, or layer it with other pieces and it's so light weight and dainty, I forget it's even there. I've already gotten a ton of compliments on it and can easily suggest something this good of quality to my friends for themselves or as gifts! You seriously must check out her other pieces! You can go to her website or go directly to her shop by clicking here :)

It's the perfect length and I love that you can choose to have a square or circle!

here I've layered it with another necklace

the kids' bracelets that she sent my daughter. She LOVES them and thank God they actually fit around her tiny wrists! A little heart and peace sign charms were the perfect touch ;)

Now that you have at least a little sneak peak of what Ainat has to offer, let me introduce you to the brains and creativity behind the operation! I'm excited for you to get her take and learn a bit more about who this lovely lady is and what made her decide to take the risk of being a small business owner!

The beauty herself.

Ainat, with her... ridiculously attractive family!

Where did the name, Calinana Designs come from?

Cali stands for California, nana means mint.

Who or what motivated you to start your company?

I always wanted to own my own company, and jewelry was always my passion.After spending years in graduate school I finally had the time to start my own jewelry company.

What would you say had been your biggest lesson learned?

In this field, the opportunities are endless. You need to stay focused and keep doing what you do best.

What's a goal/dream you hope to accomplish?

I love working with buyers. I get excited every time I meet with them. My goal is to grow the quantity of boutiques I’m working with and make Calinana a recognizable name for fine jewelry.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Every day starts at my office. I always start by going over emails. Then I’m checking the orders that need to leave the warehouse that day. Calling new and existing customers and following up on the jewelry they carry. 2-3 times a week I have meetings with buyers at their location, showing them new styles and checking inventory.

What is something quirky/unexpected about you?

I have a Ph.D in educational leadership.

If you could have any super power what would it be?

time control, this is something I never have enough of…

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Ainat! So cool to see you doing what you love and clearly you have such an eye for jewelry design! I'd literally wear everything I see on your website... for real. Such a variety and all so beautiful! I love that you were determined enough to pursue this while raising a family as well. That is no easy task!! Thank you for allowing us to get to know you and your company a little better and I SO look forward to hearing more and more good things about you in the future!

Like what you see? Consider shopping small and supporting a hard working mama who's got mad skills :) hop over to and use the code "thelittleslife" to receive 30% off of your next purchase!! The code expires next Wednesday the 23rd. Happy shopping and thanks for reading!

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