Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Meet Crystal // Shorteez

OK, I'm a little overly excited about this shop. Only because the owner happens to be my best friend, her product is cute, high quality, and very practical... that's all, no big deal ;) How many of you out there have girls? How many of you have girls that love to be girly, but are also very active? Welcome to my world! Ok, a lot of our worlds probably. My friend, Crystal came up with the idea of designing shorts in a wide range of colors for girls to wear under their skirts and dresses. I don't know about you, but I've looked for these shorts myself (before these existed) and honestly none of them were "right". Either they're way too see through, have slits and bows on the sides like underwear, or they are in strange colors/patterns and are more like biker shorts (longer and not very breathable). I'm so glad Crystal decided to take matters into her own hands assuming that we probably weren't the only ones that weren't very satisfied with the options that were out there already. Her shorts are perfect! The material isn't paper thin or too thick... it's just right and is nice and breathable. It's also super stretchy so there's no picking at them or pulling on them. They move great with my daughter and she's a mover as you'll see below :) I love that she offers a ton of different colors and that they come in a pack of three! You really must check out her website, instagram, and facebook as well! Also, she's offered all of my readers a lovely little discount code if you decide you'd like to give her shorts a whirl! Just use the code shorteez25 when you check out to receive 25% off your purchase (offer expires 9/16 @midnight EST)! You can see below some examples of the product and how my daughter enjoys them :) But don't miss the short Q&A sesh I did with Crystal (scroll down!) to get to know her a little better and how/why she started Shorteez.

the perfect gold color shorts from the neutral collection

Here are the pink shorts from the bright collection.

Here, Nyah is wearing the white shorts from the neutral collection

As you can see, no panties playing peak-a-boo even in THIS position haha. Can you tell she's a dancer?

I'm in love with the variety of colors and the adorable packaging! My daughter has already filled hers with nail polish and make-up! These are the four collections she has to offer with three shorts in each.

Now that you've gotten to see some great examples of Crystal's Shorteez and how we like to style/wear them, here's a bit more about the woman behind the scenes! She's one of the most driven, creative, open minded, hardest working people I know. She also happens to be a great mother and friend. I'm honored to feature someone so talented and close to me on my blog! Meet Crystal...

What inspired you to start Shorteez?

Both of my daughters love to wear dresses but are also very active.  They used to wear soccer shorts underneath of their dresses so that they could still dress up and play at recess.  I didn’t like how bulky and long the shorts were so I went to the local mall to find soft, slim-fitting play shorts that they could wear instead.  I was very frustrated on my search because the majority of the stores didn’t carry play shorts for girls.  The few stores that did carry play shorts didn’t have the best options to choose from.  The shorts were either too sheer or had a funky design on them.  That’s when I saw that there was a need for play shorts that were not only simple, soft and comfortable with full coverage but that were also available in packages that had multiple shorts in different color options.

What is a big dream/goal you hope to accomplish?

I would love to collaborate with a non-profit organization that provides support for young girls that need help in realizing their full potential.  There are so many young girls out there that have low self-esteem and are surrounded by many community problems.  I want to be able to donate a portion of Shorteez profits to an organization that will help young girls become our future leaders.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

My biggest challenge was finding the material for the shorts.  It was hard to find fabric that was soft, breathable, had full coverage, and affordable.  It took me months to find the perfect fabric.

How would you describe your own personal style?

It’s hard to describe my own personal style.  I feel like putting myself in a box limits me to try new things.  My style shifts everyday.  I can be very feminine, masculine, and in between.  I love playing with different silhouettes, colors, fabrics, and textures.

What does a typical day look like for you?

As a small business owner, I tend to wear many hats.  I find that switching between different modes can be mentally exhausting so I organize my calendar to have in days and out days.  On my in days I focus on phone calls, paper work and I don’t leave my office for the entire day.  On my out days I schedule meetings, visit boutiques, and ship out products.  This technique helps me save time from running around all over the place and it also helps me focus more on the tasks for that day.

What is something quirky or unexpected about you?

I love watching crime dramas.  I could watch Investigation Discovery channel for hours but I try to only watch it in small doses.  I start becoming paranoid if I watch too many of those shows.

If you could cross anything off your bucket list today, what would it be?

I do have an idea for a high-tech invention that currently doesn’t exist.  I would love to create this product some day in the future and see it change peoples lives.

Thanks for taking the time to share Crystal! Of course I love and admire that you want to give back and quip young women to be bold and believe in themselves to make a difference in this world! I hope you find a great non-profit that fits that mold. Also I love that you always have killer ideas! I can't wait to see what you come up with next! Not just in your new business, but beyond! I'm always so inspired by you :)

Don't forget to check out her website and make sure to follow her on instagram to get the latest on new product releases, sales, and giveaways (hint, hint... there's a killer giveaway coming that you wont want to miss!). Thanks everyone for taking the time to read and support my friend! Don't forget to use that discount code before it expires!!