Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Meet Emily // Modern Moses Clothing Co.

I've been a big fan of Emily's shop for a while now. I was so refreshed by her tees, not just because all of the designs were great, but because of the inspiration and messages behind the designs. When I read, "we pray that our clothes will help start conversations and spread the Good News of Christ!" in their about us section of their website, I was like, "YES". I love the vision that Emily & Spencer had to create faith based clothes for kids (and adults!) that also had a modern vibe. I mean, what's more rad than being a trendsetter and spreading great messages? I also love that you can twin with your mini! Who doesn't love that? Also all the designs are printed on America Apparel tees/tanks so you know the quality and comfort is there as well which is a total must have! I'm all about the attention to detail and they've definitely hit the nail on the head!  I have so much respect for Emily and have so enjoyed the short time we've had to connect and get to know each other.. She's creative, genuine, sweet, hardworking, and driven. I'm pretty obsessed with all the designs, but here are some pics of some of our fav tees from MMCC!


"all things are possible"

haha workin' that tee!


Now that you've gotten a feel for what they're all about, let's get to know Emily and her cute fam a little better! Luckily she agreed to do a short Q&A with me that I'd LOVE to share with you! It's always so fun feeling like you know the people behind the product/clothes that you purchase. It makes this big world seem much much smaller.

"Hi everyone! My name is Emily and I run Modern Moses Clothing Company along with my stud of a guy, Spencer. We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and have a two-year old boy named Moses."

What inspired the name, "Modern Moses Clothing Company"?

The inspiration behind our company name is two-fold. It's the namesake of our little boy Moses and also reflects our desire to create a modern twist on classic Biblical songs and stories. 

What made you decide to take the jump and start your own business?

My husband and I were sitting around one evening, brainstorming businesses that we could do from home, and create our own hours. We were at a point in our life where we weren't certain where we wanted to live long-term and desired more flexibly within our jobs to go wherever we wanted. As we started shopping for our little boy we were surprised at the lack of cool Christian items for little ones. We started sketching out designs and brainstorming that night and couldn't have dreamed of the response we got when we finally launched our first line!

What would you say is the biggest pro and con of being a business owner?

For sure the biggest pro of being our own business owners has been getting to work together and making our own schedule! We are so blessed to get to fully do life and grow our company together. The biggest con is the stress to always to better and do more. It's very easy for the fear of comparison to creep in and we constantly have to go back to our original  goal - to get independent and create rad items that spread the Gospel!

What does a typical day look like for you?

We try to limit our biggest MMCC tasks for evenings and weekends to allow us to spend as much time as possible with our little guy. We do apparel orders and answer emails daily, and reserve printing, packing and shipping for weekends. When we aren't working on MMCC, I work in corporate IT and my husband leads and runs the worship ministry at our church. Our free time includes chasing around our spunky two year old and enjoying our beautiful city.

What advice would you give to someone considering starting their own company?

My biggest advice to someone starting their own business is never to underestimate the power of relationships! We truly could not have gotten to where we are today without the amazing people who we've met along the way! This Instagram community is truly a village and we are so blessed to be a part of it!

What is something unexpected or quirky about you?

 Something quirky: I am super into documentaries and conspiracy theories. I am also TERRIFIED of earthquakes. (Someone move me out of the ring of fire PLEASE!)

How would you describe your own personal style?

My summer style is EASY! The older I've gotten, the more I've grown to appreciate basic, plain, high quality items. Give me good denim, a black tee, birks and a hat and I'm a happy girl! I will say though, I am already looking forward to fall layering! 

Thanks for taking the time to share with us Emily! And I'm totally with you on the beauty of simplicity and quality when it comes to style!
Please go check out their website for more great styles for you or your little! And since Emily is so generous, she's offering all my readers 20% off your order by using the code, LITTLES at checkout! Also make sure you are following her on Instagram (@modernmosesclothing) so you can stay up to date on flash sales and give aways!!!