Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Meet Christina // Coco Lobo

First of all, Christina is one talented, multitasking lady! Talented, because she had an idea, a vision, and she not only made into reality, but she did it in such a way that the attention to detail is really what makes these stand apart! Multitasking, because she's also a mommy of two little ones and has successfully been juggling the growth of her business and all the tasks and responsibilities that come with being a mama! I have so much respect for her and that she committed herself to finding a creative outlet... and that we get to benefit from that :) Christina's mini loafers are exceptional!! Not only is the leather of the best quality, but the design is just on point! She leaves the raw edge at the top of the foot which gives it such a clean, simple, no stitching, comfortable on tiny feet, organic type of feel! I knew I'd love them from the photos, but putting them on my nephew sealed the deal for me. Another perk, they never fall off! Praise JESUS! I'm sorry, but in my 10 years of being a mom, I cannot even begin to tell you how frustrating it is to constantly lose a tiny shoe! If you don't lose it, it seems to be on way too tight and cutting of little pudgy feet circulation! These little shoes are just perfection. He wore them for hours... no red marks, they were easy enough to get on and off, no ties, just simple and comfortable. It's like a miracle. I love that there is literally no stitching to be seen anywhere on these beauties. It gives it that clean modern feel. To me, it makes them stand out. You notice the texture in the leather and how well made they are... nothing else. I'd HIGHLY recommend you go check out her other designs on her website! There's so many great choices and colors! Check out our pair below!

Now that you've gotten a little peak at Christina's little loafers, I'd love to share with you a short Q&A I did with her so we could all get to know her a little better! 

What made you choose the name Coco Lobo?

I don't really have a cool story...I just wanted something fun and catchy.  Coco Lobo is Spanish for 'coconut wolf'.  I was going through lists of words and I came up with Coco Lobo.  I don't speak Spanish but I do speak German and I'd love to learn!  Anyway,  I chose Spanish because I've always wanted to travel to Spain and I love how pretty the language sounds. 

Who/what inspired you to start your own business?

A few things.  I've always been creative and have had a 'do it yourself' attitude.  For example, I would sew clothes for my American Girl doll when I was little and when I was in middle school I was more into decorating my room; I saw a really cool beach themed sign in a PB Teen magazine but it was too expensive so I made my own! After my daughter was born, I decided not to go back to work and stay home with my two babes so after a few months I felt like I needed to find that creative outlet again plus I wanted to be able to have some money of my own and so I started selling headbands- I never sold a single headband haha! After a few trials and many errors I ended up here. 

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Time management and finding my target market. 

What advice would you give to someone considering starting their own business?

I would tell someone to give it your all and go for it.  Don't get discouraged easily and don't compare yourself to others! Do try to network with others.  If the internet seems too big, focus on marketing your business in your hometown or nearby cities by participating in craft shows and networking with local businesses who have a similar target market.

Describe a typical day for you?

A typical day…. I wake up, get my kids up and around, thankfully Alex helps me out in the mornings before he heads off to class/studying until 10:00 pm, breakfast made, run any errands if needed, playtime, check in on Instagram, emails etc. lunchtime, play outside, nap time/quiet time, I try to take advantage and work on shoe related things, prepare dinner, clean up, playtime/read books, get ready for bed then I try to pump myself up and work on my shoes whether it's shoe concepts, improving my design, working on my website or working on orders. 

What is something quirky/unexpected about you?

I only eat cookie dough ice cream and I nuke it in the microwave for a few seconds to soften it - I know it's really weird!

Haha now I'm curious about microwaving cookie dough ice cream! Thanks so much for sharing Christina! I love your business advice and the quirky inspiration behind the name!! So fun getting to learn more about you and your journey! 

For all of you who are drooling over these  adorable baby shoes I have great news! Christina is giving all my readers/followers 15% off for a week starting today!! Just go to her website (www.shopcocolobo.com) and use the code littleslife15 at check out!! You won't regret it! Make sure to also follow her on Instagram so you can be the first to hear of new releases,giveaways, and discounts! Thanks for taking the time to read and for supporting small shops!

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