Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Isn't life all about it. Trying to find that balance between work and play, family life and job opportunities, whatever it may be I'm sure we can all agree that it can be a huge challenge. Now, I'm not saying that I have the solution by any means. I'm simply sharing how I get my mind right. There will always be things vying for our attention, things distracting us, things worrying us, etc, but all the noise at some point has to be quiet so that even for a moment, we can focus on what truly matters and remember what's real.

Everyone's daily life looks different. For me, I'm a stay-at-home mommy to three. Two out of those three are in school full time, while my youngest is at home with me majority of the time. He has preschool for a couple hrs two mornings a week. They all have sports and extracurriculars, so I'm that mom that is driving the world over. I also work at a dance studio teaching one night a week and two to three days a week I watch my baby nephew. In a nutshell, My life is full. My husband just quit his job and started is own company so that has increased pressure and decreased any kind of secure income. It's hard to fit everything in, to make time for everything, to quiet my mind of worry, to keep track of lists. I'm realizing how crucial it is to stay focused on truth. I can easily let my mind wonder, or believe lies about how I'm not a good enough mother or play all those "what if" games. I'm just an imperfect person who truly and deep down wants the best for my family. So, in case anyone is like me, looking for a balance, a way to "get your mind right", here's some things I try to start my day off with... If I can't technically start my day with these, I at least try to incorporate them somewhere in my day. That's really the goal for me because everyday looks a little different at my house.

1. COFFEE. Duh...getting the kids up and ready with lunches packed for school while I'm still half asleep can be a challenge. Thank God for coffee.

2. READ.  Ok, I know what you're thinking. There's no time you crazy lady! Well you're absolutely right. There never is really. So take the guess work and searching out of it and literally all it takes is 2-5 min. I downloaded the app "solid joys" on my phone and I can't even tell you how useful that has been for me. I need truth! I used to make the excuse that I just didn't know where to start, I didn't have time to really meditate on it or focus on what I was reading because of the kids and distractions, but this is what I was missing the most. Truth. God's word in my face and me trusting that He would use it even if I wasn't thinking I was getting much out of it. That app is just a great place to start. It always starts with a bible verse so if you wanted to read more you can. Again that's where apps come in handy because I know you have your phone at your fingertips at all times! Bible app! do it. You'll be amazed at how easy this all really is and how whether you start your day with it or read it in the carpool line, or right before you fall asleep at night (take a break from instagram for 2 minutes!) God WILL use it and it will totally bring about peace of mind.

3. YOGA. Well that's just an example :) Sometimes I like to start my day with yoga because I'm not quite ready to go full tilt with a HIIT workout just yet (I try to work out 20-30min 5 days a week). Plus stretching and toning in yoga is such a release for me. And I usually have this little blonde moppy headed kid right next to me saying, "look mommy I'm doing the doggy!", but it's all good! I'm still getting it done and frankly, I think I'm really gonna miss that little side kick when he's in school with the others. If not yoga, find a good stretch routine! Even if its literally just a couple minutes of stretching each day I guarantee you will majorly benefit! Read up on it.  I subscribed to the "tone it up" channel on youtube and there's a ton of good workout, stretch, and yoga routines there. 20 min and under people. Super easy to follow with the touch of a finger! Oh and there's even a "tone it up" app as well ;)

4. GREEN JUICE. Coffee is pretty great, but then it's good to consider eating something healthy and maybe throwing some greens in there! I don't know, something about starting my day off knowing I've already got some greens in is good for me mentally as well as physically. I try to drink as much water as possible and to eat healthy, but its hard to remember to get my veggies in sometimes. So whether you have a blender, a juicer, or purchase a green juice (like me), get those greens in! Again, so many benefits to that. I buy Suja brand of juice because it's organic and cold pressed. I wont get into all the deets here, but it's good stuff and they sell a giant green juice at Costco...done. If not a juice, there's always the option of a good dark green salad for lunch.

That's it! not a super long list or anything very difficult! It's just what I have found to really help me jump start my day and help avoid any funks. I need coffee, I need to be reminded of truth, and I need to take care of the only body I have! Engaging my mind and body helps me feel like I'm staying young. Who doesn't love that feeling?? I'd love to hear what things YOU do to help jump start your day! Comment here or on instagram and #TTLjumpstart so I can share with others any good ideas you might have to add to my list!

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