Friday, March 20, 2015

Meet Jaclyn // Moozega

I was drawn to Moozega as soon as I saw the tees! Ok, maybe it was the name at first, but seriously, these tees are so perfect for kids of all ages and boys and girls alike! From elephants, to strawberries, to pineapples, to cute sayings, Jaclyn basically touches on every facet of childhood in her tees! They're simple, yet artistic; playful, yet classic. I'm a huge fan of black and white, but I love that she mixes it up and adds pops of color in the mix as well! What kid doesn't love that anyways? I love that the tees are durable, yet soft, making them perfect for kids to wear and tear all day long! Also Jaclyn is based out of New York, so these are all made in the USA (always a perk). She's already been featured in Babiekins Magazine and she's not even a year into this! So amazing! All in all, I'd say this brand right here is fun! If you don't get that from the name, you definitely will from the designs :) At least, that's how I feel about it, which is why I thought, "ok, I HAVE to share this with everyone else!" With that being said, here's some photos of the tees we have and love! Make sure you check out the others she has on her website as well!

(elephant t-shirt in silver)

(pineapple tee in white)

Now that you see our favorites, Let's get to know the incredible Jaclyn! Now's your chance to see the face behind this company and get to know what makes her tick, what inspires her, and what advice she'd give to anyone considering starting their own gig! She's determined, super likeable, obviously creative, and has the perfect experience and background to do exactly what she's doing today! I love meeting people like her and am super proud to support someone who's quickly become quite the success!

The beauty herself, and her cutie pie son!

Where did the name, Moozega come from?

It was my dog's nickname. I just made it up one day when I was 6 or 7. Her real name was Candy. I toyed with a bunch of names before I went with Moozega. The deciding factors were that it's unique and reminds me of my childhood.

Who/what inspired you to start your business?

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to start my own business. My son was my true motivation to make it happen.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far?

Deciding what part of my business to focus on the most. For the first two seasons I printed everything myself. I enjoyed doing it but it was extremely time consuming. I felt like I wasn't giving enough attention to other aspects of the business. This season I decided to focus more on marketing and design so now I'm outsourcing the printing. I found a great printer who is close by. So far it seems to be the right decision.

What is your favorite part about starting Moozega?

It allows me to be creative. I also love that it's connected me to so many people through Instagram. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

Everyday is a balancing act between taking care of my son, working on Moozega and finding a little time for myself (I like to squeeze in a workout before my husband leaves for work). My days are usually a little crazy and don't always go exactly as I plan but I'm learning not to let that stress me out. I try to focus on enjoying the time I get to spend with my little dude. 

What advice would you give to someone who is new to starting their own business? 

To be creative and to do research before you dive in.

What is something quirky about you, or something most people wouldn't guess/expect?

I love animals but squirrels freak me out!

So yeah, I'm actually pretty convinced that squirrels are just rats with bushy tails! Not only do they freak me out with their non scaredness of human beings, but any animal that rummages through trash is not my favorite! Anyways... thanks so much for sharing Jaclyn! That's definitely a huge change to outsource the printing, but clearly it seems you've made the right choice and have transitioned so well! I'm super happy for all the success you've had so far and it makes me excited to see what you come up with in the future!

If you want to purchase from Moozega, jump over to! There's infant and toddler sizes which is awesome! Also she's being kind enough to offer an exclusive discount code to all my amazing readers... "littles15" for 15% off your purchase! Just make sure you don't wait too long because the code expires Friday, March 27th! Hope everyone's having a great start to the weekend, and spring at that!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Meet Sarah // Young One Apparel

You know that feeling when you find that perfect pair of jeans that makes you think they were tailor made just for you? Ok, well I haven't exactly found that just yet to be honest, but I'm pretty sure I know what that would feel like! It's how I feel about this amazing kids brand, Young One Apparel! Not only are the tees themselves well made, but the designs are right up our ally! They're modern, simple, inspired by music, and timeless! I can't picture them ever going out of style! I think Sarah really has a talent for creating classic designs for kids and I'm over the moon that she allowed us to share some of her new SS15 pieces on my little blog here! you HAVE to check out the other tees she has available on her website! There's several options to choose from, and though they're all different, they have such a great cohesive feel to them! Take a look below at a couple of the tees she sent us! The boys were tad stir crazy, but I managed to sneak a couple decent ones.

Ryder "Mom, can I pretend to be Abraham Lincoln" :)

Now that you've gotten a couple examples of Sarah's clothing line and how we like to style it, Let's meet the lovely Sarah herself! I'm so glad she agreed to letting me ask her a few questions to share with you all. I'm a big fan of community and what's better than purchasing from a small shop? Actually getting to know that shop owner! Makes the world feel like a smaller place and you have a better idea of where your clothes came from and the knowledge that you're supporting someone's dream!

The beautiful Sarah and her cutie Henry

What provoked you to start a kids clothing line? 

My son was around a year old and I wanted cool, modern and minimalistic clothing for him. I also wanted something that would combine my favorite music with capturing the spirit of youth.

What is your favorite thing about owning your own business? 

Being able to stay home with my son is definitely my favorite part of owning a business.

How would you describe your personal style? 

My personal style is very similar to Young One Apparel's aesthetic. I wear a lot of black, grey and white. Minimalism is important to me in my wardrobe; having some great essential pieces that can be styled easily. Again, much like YOA!

Who or what has inspired you the most when it comes to your business? 

My Dad really helped create my passion for music growing up. Of course once I had my son, I really was inspired by him in creating fun graphics that related to his personality. 

What is a big goal you have for 2015? 

A big goal I have for this year is to expand our brand and reach as many people as possible.

What is something quirky or surprising about you? 

I grew up with a brother who is 10 years older than me. When he was in high school, he used to listen to a lot of rap music. I soaked it all up like a sponge, and still remember the words to a lot of songs. People are always so surprised when they hear me start rapping to old rap songs!

Describe a typical day in the life of Sarah. 

Every day is a bit different, but typically in the morning, I answer E-Mails while my son, Henry plays near me. Some days we have a nanny come over for a few hours and play with him while I make phone calls, put packages together, run errands or work on the computer. Other days we will go out for play dates or go to the park during the day. Most of my work gets done after he goes to bed. I typically stay up pretty late getting orders packaged, working on new designs, etc. It has definitely been a challenge adjusting to becoming a work-from-home Mom and balancing it all, but I feel very lucky to be able to do it.

I love that you know old rap songs :) My husband always makes fun of me for knowing all the words to a bunch of them. Buuut he was homeschooled, so there's that haha. I love the minimalistic style that pours our from your personal style into YOA! It's perfect and clearly resonates with many others as well! Thanks so much for sharing a bit about yourself and allowing me to put this whole thing together! Being a mom and owning a business is no easy task whatsoever!

If you aren't already following Young One Apparel on instagram (@youngoneapparel) you totally should start today! You'll be the first to hear about giveaways they're doing and sales they have going on as well as new releases! Sarah has decided to let you in on a little discount code! So, jump over to and use the code LITTLESLIFE  to receive  15% off your purchase!! Guarantee you'll love them! And Sarah's pretty cool too so I'm in full support of anyone supporting what she's doing :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Electric Collective SS15

Please tell me you've checked out Electric Collective's new SS15 line! It's TOO good! And I'm so excited to share a couple pieces from the new collection! A couple things to note first. All their SS15 items are pre-order only at the moment. The bright side, you are able to get any size from 3-6mo to 12yrs in any style you like! There's just a couple weeks left to take advantage of your favorite tee(s) guaranteed in the size you want, so I'd suggest you don't delay! You have until March 21st! Also if you decide to place an order, you can use the code: ELECTRICSUMMER to get free shipping! Just jump over to their super new website,, and see for yourself. The best part about this line, every piece is unisex! They're all perfect for boys and girls alike! Can't go wrong with classic tees and tanks that can be passed from sibling to sibling ;)

I love the way they fit and look my boys!

pictured is the GEMSTONES tank

pictured is the ELECTRIC SUMMER tee

With the weather finally starting to warm up here, we are SO ready for anything spring/summer and the boys are looking for any opportunity to leave the coats behind! Thanks for taking a peak! ALSO they have a G I V E A W A Y running right now that you absolutely will not want to miss! Just head over to @electriccollective on instagram to get all the details! There's three different prizes/chances to win and it ends on the 13th!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Meet Jordan // SoulScripts

I'm so excited to introduce you to Jordan, the creator of SoulScripts! Have you heard of her little print business? If not, today is your lucky day ;) Her simple, classic, hand drawn prints serve as daily encouraging reminders. Most of her prints are inspired by verses in the bible, making them a great way to incorporate truth into our home! This is something that Jordan is passionate about and is using her gifts to find a way to uplift all of us in a subtle, simple, and beautiful way! Her hand drawn lettering is gorgeous and she has a variety of styles to choose from so there's something for everyone! I'm so glad that she reached out to me and even more happy that I get to introduce you to her! Make sure you're following her on instagram (@soulscripts) so you can be the first to know of new prints and any sales/discount codes! Check out her website as well! Here's an example of one of her framed prints that I put in my daughters room. I may eventually steal it, but for now I'm sharing :) I love the way it looks in her space and the gold lettering against the white background is just perfect!

{tassel garland kit c/o Confetti and Sparkle Party Shop}

Now that you've gotten a little preview of her prints and how you can easily add them to any space, let's meet Jordan!! I'm so glad she agreed to do a little Q&A with me so that you and I both could get to know her a little better! How nice is it to feel like you're purchasing from a friend? Jordan is hard working, talented, and uber sweet! So I'm privileged to have been able to feature someone so lovely and driven!

Where did the name, SoulScripts come from?

The name SoulScripts seemingly happened by accident. I have often been told that my greatest gift is the gift of encouragement - I absolutely thrive off of inspiring and encouraging others' hearts, minds, and souls. I wanted to center the majority of my work around encouraging words and food for the soul. Most of my work is for purposes of love, whether it is a warm message to touch a home or give as a gift, or a sweet piece for a wedding (an event centered on LOVE!), and even supporting other small businesses by creating some design they can use to market their name. So although I definitely have a lot of variety in my work, my mission is to bring glory to God by encouraging and sharing love with people through beautiful art and encouragement. 

What inspired you to start your own business?

I think the biggest thing that influenced my decision to finally open a business would be my girlfriends, mom, and significant other. They had all seen that I had the ability to be quite creative and knew that I had developed a passion for creating beautiful handmade pieces with unique calligraphy and script. I started making more pieces and began having requests from family friends, neighbors, etc. for customized signs (such as for an upcoming wedding). I am still relatively small, but decided to make it more of a business as well as open an Etsy shop very recently after being encouraged by those who had seen my work. I am quite new to the online world as of now, but this is just the beginning!

What would you say has been your biggest challenge so far?

The biggest challenge I've faced so far is getting my work in front of people - hence why I decided to get involved on Etsy/online! It's definitely a challenge to reach the right market effectively, but I'm determined :)

What is your biggest goal for this year?

My biggest goal for 2015 is to really get this up and running with unbelievable customer service . I hope to expand my market, develop new looks, explore new opportunities, collaborate with other small businesses, and make a difference to the clients I gain. I am dedicated to providing exceptional customer service above all, whether that client is a friend in my community or a stranger across the country that viewed my Etsy shop. Each client must be happy with their piece and have their wishes met for whatever purpose they need beautiful writing, whether it's for their wedding, small business logo, a gift for a friend, or personal home decor. This is where I want to exceed the expectation in 2015.

What does a typical day look like for you?

There is no typical work's different all the time. It really depends on what the day brings. I often make it a goal to take at least 4 days a week that I dedicate either a morning (with coffee of course) or afternoon to create some new pieces of my shop or finish an order for a wedding or special order. I'm actually finishing up college so I do have a few classes that I am enrolled when I'm not doodling in class or finishing up an assignment, you can usually find me with a pen in hand scribbling my newest creation (or at Hobby Lobby - my favorite place) and filling orders.

What's something quirky about you?

I think the quirkiest thing about me would probably be my love for rainbow sprinkles. People say they don't have flavor, but they totally do. Plus, they're just so colorful and fun that how can you not feel like you're sprinkling magic on your ice cream (or any other snack, really)? Also, when I'm in a chipper mood and/or excited about something, I often respond to questions with, "mhmm, nyup!" in a high pitched and goofy voice. It's almost contagious, as now many of my friends say it in conversation with me, too. :)

If you could have any super power what would you choose?

My super power of choice would be Healing. I think it'd be cool to fly and stuff, but that doesn't change lives. I'd love to be able to heal anyone of anything, both physical and mental/emotional. After seeing loved ones deal with harsh diseases and struggle through injuries and other problems, the ability to bring peace and healing to others would be so absolutely incredible!

OMG love your super power choice! Heart of gold I tell ya! But YES how amazing would that be? Thanks so much for sharing, Jordan! I cannot wait to see what else this year brings you! For all that are interested, Jordan is offering a 15% discount code for all of you to enjoy! Just go to her website, and use the code, SOUL15 at checkout!