Saturday, February 14, 2015

Meet Summer & Keith // Gruvey

"believe there is good in the world" and "give more, take less" are two examples of the messages on the T-shirts from this amazing company. These messages really set the tone for what Keith and Summer are all about and the concepts that set this clothing line of theirs into motion. I'm beyond honored to represent them today and bring you a little taste of who they are and why they started this business! They are unique in the fact that these T-shirts are really an overflow, a side-note if you will, of a way bigger picture they have in mind. When Keith and Summer started having kids, their concern for the environment began to take on a whole new meaning. They wanted what was best for their children and to teach their kids by example to take care of themselves and their environment! Slowly their ideas took on the form of messages on tees for kids! And since the environment and health of their children is number one, they use only organic T-shirts and went the extra mile to take 1% from all purchases and give back the 1% for the planet foundation. You can read more on that here! I have so much respect and admiration for their commitment to bring our kids only the best, while giving back to the planet!

Below are the two T-shirts designs they currently have on their website. You should know that these organic tees are super soft and of the most superb quality. When I put them on the boys, they noticed right away! I'm a big fan of black and white, but this was super refreshing! The pops of blues and whites are perfect! I'm so so excited to see what else Keith and Summer come up with in the future and am thrilled to be able to feature such a lovely family!

Now that you've seen their cute tees on my boys, lets get to know this couple a little better! Where did the name come from? What does a normal day look  like for them? etc. Don't stop there because there's a little something for you at the end of the little Q&A :)

Summer, Keith, and their beautiful girls!

Where did the name Gruvey come from?

"My name is Summer and my husband’s name is Keith.Our last name is Gruver. My husband had many nicknames growing up and one of them was Gruvey. The meaning of groovy is marvelous, excellent, wonderful. Doesn’t that make you smile? We both have a optimistic outlook on life and believe that life will only be amazing if you let it be. We felt that this name would represent the vision of what we wanted our company to be."

What inspired you to create your own brand? 
"There are so many inspirations that we have for starting our own brand and I certainly don’t want to bore anyone with ten pages of everything we are inspired by. If I were to keep it simple , I would say we were inspired by the need for more organic apparel,positivity and to have more freedom to travel .Cotton is one of the largest crops in the world and traditional cotton farms use a lot of harsh chemicals that harm our planet to the extent that we as consumers are not helping. Organic cotton farms do not use these chemicals at all. We have 3 kids Peyton(5), Presley(2), and Harper(1). They inspired us to take the leap into entrepreneurship. We know that we are a small family business, but If we can teach our kids that it doesn’t take much to make any impact in this world, that would be a success."

What does a typical day look like for you?

"This is where it can get a little crazy. Keith wakes up at 5am every morning and checks emails, orders, and and social media for updates. Sorry but 5am is a little too early for this momma. I usually get up around 6am with our two youngest daughters. After I fix breakfast and have A LOT of coffee, I then get the packages in order for a post office run. Keith heads off to work around 7:30 and I take Peyton to school and stop by the post office to ship. We hope to add the pickup service for our packages in the near future. Throughout the day I will spend time communicating with our friends and fellow shop owners on social media and in our community to discuss marketing efforts to share our vision with more people. After dinner and bedtime, Keith and I get to work. We work on upcoming design ideas. We take time to enjoy each other and have fun talking about the future of Gruvey."

What’s your biggest goal for 2015 (business or personal or both)?

"This is our first year, so our goal is to have fun and enjoy the experience of meeting other amazing shop owners and new friends. We are looking to not only grow our presence, but help other people doing the same thing. We are aiming for at least $1,000 in contributions back to 1% for the planet and other non-profit organizations in our 1st year."

What advice would you give someone starting their own business?

"Think big. How does your company help or solve a problem? Don’t start a business because you heard you can make money doing that business. Start company in an area that you love. Expect a lot of hard work and energy to run a company. However, it will be very rewarding. Lastly, treat each and every customer like family."

If you could have any super power what would it be?

"I would love to fly. Watching a bird fly is so peaceful. I would fly all over the world and see all the beautiful sites that are out there. Maybe even drop some packages off at customer’s doorsteps. Ok that was taking it a bit too far."

I'm with you on the flying! I used to have dreams of flying all the time! And love the business advice! Great way to think long term and to find your passion before making a move. You both are so inspiring and hardworking and I'm truly grateful that you took the time to share a little of your story with us! To shop their rad, environmentally friendly tees and to read more of their mission and story, visit them at! Make sure you're also following them on instagram (@gruvey_) so you'll be the first to know about new releases (happening very soon) and other promotions and sales! Also they're offering all of my readers 20% off their puchase! Just use the code, "LITTLESLIFE" when you check out! It's only good for 24hrs so don't wait!! Thanks again Keith and Summer!

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