Thursday, October 23, 2014

Giveaway Winners!

THANK YOU all again so much for celebrating with me and taking part in my 2k giveaway!! It really means the world to me! I started this blog with the intention of highlighting the wonderful people that sacrifice SO much, risking it all, to chase a dream. That dream is opening a small business and that cannot be successful without people knowing it's there and knowing how great the product is!! The perk is getting to know the people who started though. I want customers or potential ones, to be able to connect with the shop owner in a more personal way. Really, at the end of the day we are all people doing the day today to get by, but how much richer is this life when we truly connect with others. My grandad always said, life is all about relationships! 

So, thank you for following me and the others! Your support is everything! And I promise you won't be disappointed with these ladies/shop owners! They were picked by me because they're truly one of a kind!!

And without further delay...
The winners of the giveaway are on the right of the shop! Please email me your address ( and any other contact info and I will forward it to the shop!! You should hear from them within a couple days (I know it's hard but we all have super busy lives, jobs, and families), but if you don't, please contact me! 


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