Thursday, September 25, 2014

Meet Danielle // The Flourish

 SO excited to share a super fun shop with you all today! Who doesn't like accessories? What about mommy/mini matching ones? I know right? I'm sold on this alone, but seriously seeing what Danielle has done with leather... braiding them and turning them into the most perfect accessories, makes it even more exciting! The quality of the leather is amazing and I love all the many color options she has!! My daughter and I wear ours daily! They're not too thick, not too thin. They have just the right amount of durability and are so easy to put on and take off with just a snap! This is crucial, because how many times have you wished someone else was around to help you put on your fav bracelet? Here's a couple photos of the matching set Nyah and I have, but I'm also going to include some others so you can see all the variety!

we have the peach colored mommy & me set ($14.00)

hers and mine

It really is the perfect size for layering with other pieces!

I tend to prefer neutrals mostly, but she has SOOO many colors! Bright neon colors, jewel tones, textured and patterned neutrals, pastel colors, just to name a few! And obviously not only does she have bracelets in a few different styles, but guitar straps, wallets, clutches, and key fobs are among her variety of leather items! I'm so glad she reached out to me, because as soon as I looked at her shop and saw what she had to offer, I knew it'd be a perfect share!! Now that I know first hand how great her items are, I'd encourage you to look for yourself!! Also because her prices CANNOT be beat for the quality you're getting! She has two different websites and trust me, you'll need to see both :) & // clearly one is geared more towards kids with their mommy & me, and daddy & me sets that are to die for, while the other is chocked full of leather goods that us adults could really use in our lives ;) She has so much to offer that two sites makes a whole lotta sense!

Now that you've seen a little preview of what Danielle has to offer, lets meet the lovely lady behind the business! I'm so glad that she decided to take the time to share with me a bit more about herself and what got her started on this venture of hers! Read the little Q&A below!

Danielle and her cute fam!

Where did the name, The Flourish come from?

Actually, when I thought of the name I was just trying to come up with something that could describe a growing business. Flourish seemed like a good name at the time. I wasn't making long-term goals to have a business... just trying to sell some bracelets. I probably would've named it something completely different if I had long-term goals in mind. HA! 

What inspired/motivated you to start your own business?

I started working at a leather supply store and a co-worker showed me how to make braided bracelets. I thought.... Hmmmm! That could sell! -- So, within a few weeks I opened an Etsy shop and started selling bracelets. 

What's something most people wouldn't guess about you?

I have a really dry sense of humor. So much so, that sometimes people can't tell if I'm joking. I'm also insanely afraid of the dark, june bugs, and heights. Oh, and I love eating sauerkraut... right out of the can. I'm weird!

What is something quirky about you?

I think the things that people wouldn't guess about me sort of make me quirky, too. I used to work at a high fashion consignment store before ever entering into the leather business world and I can identify and authenticate about 40 different types of designer brands. My husband calls it a super power but that's probably the only quirky thing about me. I can still name any designer bag on any arm... all the time. Oh, and I did gymnastics for the first 13 years of my life. My mom thinks I can still do some of it,but I actually struggle to reach my toes. :) 

What does a typical day in the life of Danielle look like?

My day looks like this: 
Kid wakes up, I cook her breakfast.
Babysitter arrives.
I start working, shipping, photographing, answering emails.
I stop working, feed my kid lunch, lay her down for nap.
Keep working, shipping, taxes, post office.
Get the kid up from nap, eat snacks and watch Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Cook dinner, clean house.
Run errands
Hang out with dad once he get's home from work.
-- Do it all again tomorrow. 

What's one of your biggest dreams/goals for your business?

To have my husband be able to stay home with me! That would be most excellent to have him here too. 

What advice would you share with someone starting their own business?

Don't do it for success. That's the wrong reason. Do it because you LOVE what YOU are doing. If you love what you do, and you love it with enough passion, someone else will come along and love it, too. That's how you stay happy and creative. 

Thanks so so much for sharing, Danielle! I love how determined, hard working, and talented you are! You're business advice is perfect and the quirkier the better ;) At least, that's how I feel about it! Clearly your chaos is very organized!! I love how much you have to offer and how beautiful all the pieces are! On top of that, your dry humor is always appreciated and its been awesome chatting with you behind the scenes and getting to know you better! Thanks for being patient with me and allowing me the opportunity to gush about you and your shop!

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