Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Meet Sophia // Moon & Wanderlust Collective

When I first met Sophia, she was making these incredibly unique, whimsical, colorful dream catchers. I mean, they are so gorgeous that they're breathtaking. I knew then, this girl had some serious talent, but what most may not know right away, is that Sophia puts SOOOO much love and care into each creation. She's a mommy of two little ones, so this is not easy in the least. That wasn't all she wanted to do though. She had many more ideas cooking and things she wanted to accomplish.

She eventually opened an online shop called Moon & Wanderlust Collective! It's so boho chic and totally up my ally! Here's a description of the shop to give you a better idea (taken from her website)

"Moon and Wanderlust Collective

Bohemian, worldly, and romantically-inspired pieces to bring out your inner moonchild. Our clothes and home collection embody the woman who draws down the moon and travels to the inner depths of herself to discover a spirit so free. She lives in the sunshine, swims in the sea, and breathes the wild air."

Now that she has her own shop filled with amazing threads and accessories, you can see her style and personality come out even more! Such free spirited beautiful pieces that are feminine, inspiring, comfortable, and effortless. Basically, her entire shop tempts me :) I love everything! She clearly has great taste and her packaging exudes love and her personal touch! This is what I love about her. She makes a connection with her customers. Whether she's creating a piece herself, or choosing to make it available in her shop, she puts her personal touch on the creations or the packaging their put in.

here I'm wearing the super soft and cozy Live-In Tee! It's appropriately named as I'm tempted to wear this beauty daily!
It'd be perfect to wear with leggings as well. You could dress it up with heels or keep it casual.
here I'm wearing the tee with jean shorts, also rockin the Indah Tassel Bag! The colors are amazing!
The bag can be worn as a cross body or as a clutch!
the beautiful wire wrapped Amethyst ring is from her shop as well!
(sandals are from urban outfitters)

She's always adding new pieces to her shop and every now and then will have sales as well. Make sure that you are following her on instagram to get the latest on sales and new additions (@shopmoonandwanderlust)!

Now that you've seen a few of her shop items, I'm happy to introduce you to the lovely lady behind all of this beauty! Sophia is a creative, kind, gentle, thoughtful, free spirit. It's been an honor for me to get to know her. She feels like more a friend than just an acquaintance. Her care and concern for me as I've been recovering from my surgery in July have been refreshing and heart warming. She's just very genuine and down to earth. She has an adventurous as well as a nurturing spirit. I only wish we could have done this interview in person :) Get to know a little bit more about this lovely mama/business owner below!

the beautiful Sophia!

Sophia and her family

What inspired the name, "Moon & Wanderlust"?  

The shop's name was inspired by a bit of who I am. The moon is such a powerful force. I've always been drawn to its beauty and its reflection of a woman's inner  strength. I used to participate in drumming circles on the beach at night and the moon was always there to add a bit of magic. Like the moon's pull on the tides and constant movement, I've always had a desire for change and to roam about. I'm always seeking adventure.

 How did your journey begin as a business owner?   

I started off making non- traditional dreamcatchers. It was a form of meditation for me and a creative outlet. I  also had a yearning to expand into a shop where I can combine all the things that I love, including home decor and fashion that reflect my personal style. When I could barely keep up with making custom dreamcatchers, it was a sign to pursue this dream of mine. 

What is something you've learned that you could share with others who
 also might be starting up a business?

When you start a business, treat it like it's your baby. My shop is my third child and I stay up very late tending to it, as well as get up really early to handle and ship out orders. Don't neglect it, especially with an online shop because people need to know that your shop exists, so it has to maintain an online presence and you must be active in social media. It's been a 24/7 job for me, but I'm hoping that in time, I can get a good flow and balance going. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

I'm a Work At Home Mom, so my days are filled with chaos, exhaustion, and the best rewards. With a baby and a four year old, I usually get up around 5:30 before the kids wake up to pack orders, prepare breakfast, and prepare that day's homeschool lesson. When we have a little break, I try to squeeze in product shots and Instagram posts, then resume my day with the kids. After a day full of diaper changes and running around chasing two kids, I get back to answering business inquiries and whatever else my shop needs. Sleep, then repeat. Everyday is a beautiful mess and I wouldn't change it for the world! 

What is something you'd like to accomplish this year (can be business
or personal or both)?  

Personally, I would love to get back out in nature-- more hiking, kayaking, swimming in the ocean, and I would love to learn to Stand Up Paddle Board before summer is over.  Business-wise, I would love to finally have a set schedule of handling my shop rather than sporadic (when I can squeeze time in between changing diapers and lessons) times. It would feel amazing to have some order in that area of my life. 

What's something(s) super quirky about you?  

I'm a bit of a hippie and I'd usually sage my guests before they come in my home. I listen to West Coast Gangster Rap when I'm in the car alone. I have a potty mouth and that's the only time I don't have to play role model for my kids. 

If you were stranded on a desert island, what are three things you'd
HAVE to have?  

A hammock, a good read, and Rum. 

I LOVE your island list and car jams ;) Thanks so much for sharing Sophia! I'm so happy that you're hard work and passions have led you to doing what you love. I'm sure with time the "balance" part will get easier, but sounds like you're doing a phenomenal job! 

For all of you reading this, Sophia has decided to offer you a discount code to receive 15% off in her shop! This includes all her new pieces that were just added yesterday as well as sale items! Just go to her website (www.moonandwanderlustcollective.com) and use the code "littleslife15" to get the discount! The code will expire August 19th. Thanks again Sophia! Wishing you all the best as you move forward and grow your business!!

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