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Meet Krista & Blake // Electric Collective

Krista and Blake must be two peas in a pod because their shop seems to be a direct reflection of their creative juices combined! I love it! These two love birds are newish parents and the creators of "Electric Collective". Starting a business while caring for a tiny one, not to mention other jobs on top of that, is no easy feat! Like seriously, I'm really not sure how they do it and do it so well! I have the utmost admiration and respect for this duo. I'm obsessed with all their designs and of course everything is printed on the softest softest tees and they fit so well! I love how they put their talents and visions to apparel. I love that my kids are wearing their artwork :) Just check out their instagram (@electriccollective)!! Better yet, go follow them so you can be up to date on all their releases, sales, and giveaways! They have so much to offer little girls and guys and they happen to be really rad people :) Check out the tank they sent Ky. It's literally perfect.

obviously its super hot right now, but when the fall weather comes around, just throw a flannel on to keep the chill at bay!

I seriously love featuring such great people! Obviously they make great kids apparel, but lets face it... Krista and Blake are so easy to communicate with and clearly have a great thing going! You can't build a great business without building great relationships so I'm sure their customer service is impeccable! Happy to take any part in connecting great shops and rad people and they are just one example of that. It's why I keep doing this. Now that you have a little taste of what they can do, lets go ahead and meet this couple!!

Krista, Blake, and their adorable son!

How did Electric Collective start?

Krista: Well, Blake and I met in college where we were both studying art. We both knew that we wanted art in some form to be a part of our lives and I had always wanted to open my own shop. The vision definitely has evolved with the direction of our lives, but the dream is the same.
Blake: We are both very artistic people, we love expressing ourselves through art. I kinda felt like I was losing my creative being, so we decided to come up with a way that we could express ourselves creatively and that incorporated our lifestyle.

Is there any meaning/inspiration behind the name?

Krista: When we first met one of our favorite songs was Electric Feel by MGMT. I really wanted to incorporate something from that time of our lives into the name.
Blake: Actually I got the idea from the Wooster collective. And we both have a connection to the song Electric Feel by MGMT. We played around with a lot of different names for our company and none of them had the feel and conveyed the message behind our ideas like Electric Collective did. The collective means that it is 2 of us, both of our ideas are integrated into our designs and what we do as it pertains to our company. Our ideas alone may not be as good as when they come together to make something exciting and electric.

What's something you've learned from starting your own company?

Krista: That's such a good question, I've learned so much already. I guess the most important thing I've learned is that you really have to want it and you have to be willing to work harder than you expect.
Blake: Time? Are there 24 hours in a day or just 5, because thats what it feels like! There's never enough time! We are very busy with a new baby boy. It is very difficult. How to manage your time effectively is something that we have learned how to do, maybe not well, but we are learning.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Krista: Every day is so different. I'm a stay at home mom and I run our business from our home as well. My son Rowan usually wakes up by 6 or so and Blake leaves for work by 6:30. I try to work on packaging, tags, labels, and things like that while Rowan naps. Everything else really just depends on how many orders I'm working on that day and what kind of mood Rowan is in. Being a mom always comes first for me.
Blake: I have a regular day job so I get up at 5am, get ready, and go to work. I get home around 6pm, play with Rowan, then put him to bed before 7pm. Then me and Krista get to have some time with each other, we eat dinner together, talk about the day, watch a little TV, maybe work on some business stuff, discuss designs, marketing plans, etc.

What's a dream goal you have for your business?

Krista: So many! I would love for us to be featured in some children's fashion magazines. I'm in love with Babiekins and La Petite. I would also love for us to be able to rent or buy a huge studio space to work.
Blake: My dream for our company would be for us to have brick and mortar stores in major cities across the US. I would love for our brand to be well known across the globe.

If you could have any super power, what would you choose?

Krista: I don't know if this counts, but I wish I could teleport anywhere. I love to travel and we don't live near our family so it would be really nice to be able to pop over there for the day without having to ride in the car with a baby.
Blake: To be able to see into the future.

What is something super quirky about you?

Krista: I can't stand to eat things upside down, like a burger or a candy bar. I like for it to be turned the right way. It's weird, I know.
Blake: I stick out my tongue when I'm concentrating on drawing or screen printing.

Thanks for sharing Krista and Blake!! I loved reading your answers and am seriously looking forward to seeing what else you create!! Make sure you all go visit their website and use the code, "LITTLESLIFE" to receive 20% off your purchase! The catch... you only have 24hrs!! So hurry, hurry!! Jump over to! Remember, when you shop small, you're supporting someones dreams... their blood, sweat, and tears. And by the way, I only share the companies that I would recommend to a friend, so no gimmicks or shmoozing going on here. Just genuine support of those who are serious gems!

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