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Meet Amanda & Hannah // Tiny Vines

Amanda and Hannah have a pretty great thing going here! These two Alabama mamas have put their heads together to create tees and more for your littles! I love the variety they've created in their shop. They have playful, sentimental, and modern tees... something for everyone basically, which is what I'm all about :) Their tees are super soft and I love that this is another kids brand that stand out from the crowd! They're not easy to find! Just take a look at their website and see for yourself! Not things you'd see at the mall or typical kids store. These ladies have created what they feel is missing so that moms like me and you can have our kids make statements with their tees and all the while, supporting small shops/businesses. It always helps when your kids actually like the clothes you put on them too.. BONUS! Here's a couple things they sent my kids!

his first only seemed appropriate haha.

"#selfie" tee

"little light of mine" tee

and seriously... how cute is this trucker hat?! My girly is obsessed!

Everything is so perfect and fits our style so well! Of course my favorite part of showcasing these great shops is being able to meet the people behind them, learn more about them, and then introduce them to you! I've said it before, but life is all about relationships! We can learn from each other, respect each other, and support each other! With that being said,  I want you to meet Amanda and Hannah! These ladies have been SO wonderful to me and so very patient! It's been tough recovering from such a major, life pausing, life changing surgery and then to try and get back to normal life. But these ladies have been so sweet and understanding. Not only that, they are obviously talented, team players, and hard workers!! I love what they have created with Tiny Vines so far and am so looking forward to all the new creations that are on the horizon!!

the mamas and their babes

Hannah and her cute as ever fam

Amanda and her stylish little fam

How did Tiny Vines start?
Amanda: I have a BFA in graphic design, and have wanted to own a t-shirt company since
college, but my husband was in the military and we just never stayed anywhere
long enough to go for it. Then, Hannah and I reconnected after we moved back to
our hometown. She had an embroidery business and I have the graphic design
background. We were always searching for t-shirts for our kids and we realized we
could make them ourselves; one day we just decided to go for it.
Hannah: When my daughter was born and I quit working I desired something crafty to fill my
little bit of free time. I started an embroidery business and had a ball running it for
the past 3 years. The time required had gotten harder as our second little one was
born but I still wanted to be in the kids clothing line and have the freedom to design
what I was making. Amanda and I reconnected within a year of this and all started
to fall into place. We both wanted the same things for our kids and realized if we
put our talents together we could make that happen!

What's the meaning behind the name?

Amanda & Hannah:
We wanted the name to reflect who we were and what we were creating without
being too plain. We loved the idea of using words that used to be common, but have
fizzled out of normal use. “Vines” used to be a synonym for clothing, so we knew we
wanted to use that word in the name. Since we cater to little people, we wanted to
reflect that in our brand. So we became Tiny Vines.

What's something you've learned from starting this company?

Amanda: There’s absolutely no feeling in the world like “going for it.” I have always had an
excuse to not go for it: money, kids, moving, Army, etc. I looked up this year and
realized it was now or never and haven’t looked back.

Hannah: My husband has always been a “go getter!” Nothing stops him from reaching for his
goals. I admire him for that! When Tiny Vines was first being discussed he pushed
and encouraged me to leap in and I have not regretted it once. Don’t stay in a safe
bubble your whole life, take a leap and live a good story!

What are some goals you have for Tiny Vines?

Amanda & Hannah:
Our biggest goal is to stay true to who we are. This company was founded on the
love of two things: Jesus and our kids. As long as we keep those two things as our
biggest priority I think we have succeeded. I wouldn’t mind seeing Tiny Vines in
some shops, though.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Amanda: Oh man, are you ready? My days don’t really start and end but here goes. I normally
am woken up by my 9 month old around 5:30 a.m. (after she’s been up at 1:30
already) and we cuddle/feed until my 3 year old and husband wake up around
7. Then we go into high gear to get everyone dressed and ready for the day. My
husband makes me breakfast to go and I take Scout – my littlest - to daycare while
he shuttles Ollie Mae – the oldest – to preschool. Next, I stop by my favorite coffee
shop to chat with my barista friend for 15 minutes or so and grab the largest coffee
she has. Then, I go to work at my university job from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. I normally
answer emails, chat with Hannah, run errands, and probably pick up another coffee
on my lunch break. After I leave work, I go pick up the kids and head home. My
husband usually works late so I make them dinner, bathe them, and get the baby
to bed. Then, I hang out with my oldest until daddy gets home and he puts her to
bed while I go back to emails, inventory checks, social media for Tiny Vines, and of
course making lunches, bottles, and ironing for the next day. I normally head to bed
around 11 p.m. and watch maybe an hour of trashy TV before I fall asleep.

Hannah: My youngest, Rowan, is an early riser so this means a 5am wake up on most
days. My husband is generous enough to take that first hour with him that allows
me to finish my almost 4 hours of sleep as best as possible. My 3.5 year old is up
about 7 which leads to breakfast with her daddy, us making his lunch and coffee
and hugging him out the door! The first part of the day Rowan, 4 months old, naps
about an hour while Emery plays and I work on dishes, laundry, Tiny Vines orders,
etc. We run errands once Rowan wakes or head out to play with friends. Lunchtime
is usually spent on a playdate, at the park or at Chic Fil A (Emery’s favorite). By
130 we are home for Emery’s nap and Rowan’s second nap of the day. During this
time I get caught up on any emails, check in with Tiny Vines social media, catch
up with Amanda and gather all orders that need to be packaged and shipped out
that day. By 330 they are both up from napping and having a snack while Emery
watches a show or plays outside. I start dinner or finish up things around the house
and my husband is usually home by 5. We keep pretty busy in the evenings with
either TBall/soccer, Missional Community Group, youth group or spending time
with friends. By 8pm I’m feeding and rocking Rowan while Sean is brushing teeth
and reading stories with Emery. After Rowan goes down I rock and sing with Emery
and the house goes quiet :) The evening is finished up with some sort of TV with
the husband, reviewing emails and orders for Tiny Vines and a chapter of whatever
good book I’m currently reading.

If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only pack three things,
what would they be?

Amanda: I would have to have music; it’s all the energy behind my creativity so I would need
my iPod and headphones (I’ll count that as one). I also burn really easy so I’d take
a tent – I know, it’s so practical. I really like cold coffee too, so I’d take some of my
favorite cold brew.

Hannah: Chapstick. I cannot go anywhere without it. The feeling of not having any on
drives me crazy. Any drawer, purse, car, diaper bag that belongs to me holds at
least one. Iced coffee (if that would be possible). Not until my second little came
along did I realize the benefits of coffee which has hooked and there is no looking
back! Hair tie. I have more hair on my head than most human beings and it falls
halfway down my back. Desert island sounds to me like hot, windy, sticky weather
and this girl would not manage well without a way to keep this lion mane up.

What's something super quirky about you?

Amanda: I absolutely cannot handle the kitchen towel not being hung up correctly whether
folded on the counter, wadded up on the counter, or hung up weird; I have a strange
obsession for all things with antlers; I am an OCD stuffer: to the eye my house looks
very organized and clutter free, just don’t look behind any cabinet doors. It must
give me some faint degree of control. I have several “Monica” closets.

Hannah: Straight lines. Whether vacuuming, mopping, pressure washing, painting, mowing
… it does not matter the task - the lines have to be consistent and beautiful. Ha! I
thrive off of straight lines and volunteer a lot of those chores due to that enjoyment.

LOVED reading all about your two and learning a bit more about what makes you tic and how all of this got started!! Hannah... totally with you on the chapstick!! I CANNOT be without mine! And of course you both mentioned ladies... very smart. My favorite part would be the simple focus of your business... "Jesus and kids". I mean, it doesn't get any better than that if you ask me! Of course I love the name too and how it came to be. You ladies are such genuine, determined, creative mams and I seriously have so much respect for you both, especially after getting a glimpse into your lives!! Thanks for taking the time to share with us!

Amanda and Hannah are so sweet that they are offering all of my readers 20% off using the code, LITTLESLIFE. Hurry though, because you only have 48hrs (wed at 5pm)!!!! Head over to to make a purchase and be sure to follow them on instagram (@tinyvines)!! Be the first to know about flash sales, new releases and give aways! Happy Monday!

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