Thursday, June 26, 2014

Meet Sera // Mulberry Press Co.

I'm so excited to be featuring Sera and her amazing company! I randomly found her on IG about a year ago and fell in love with all her gorgeous prints ( I still have some hanging on the walls in our home)! The quality and uniqueness of them made them true stand outs! Then she started adding in mugs! Obviously those have been a huge hit as well, so it only makes sense that she's taken her creativity and put it on things we can wear! All of her designs are printed on the super soft American Apparel tees and tanks, so you can feel like you're wearing your pj's while looking fab (win, win right?) Best part is, She makes them for adults and kids! I can't tell you how many compliments we got on our threads just wearing them one day. They are simple statement pieces that pretty much go with anything! It doesn't get much better than that! She has waaayyy more great items for you to check out in her shop,, but I'll give you a peak at the rad apparel she sent us recently!

so yeah... this tee is a new fav of mine :)

I bet you can't look at this tee without singing the song!

Yup, just spreading good vibes in this super soft tank. Its not super tight, not super loose. Its basically perfect :)

I almost never pose them... this pic is 100% authentic. Ryder told me I couldn't photograph him until he stretched a little haha. But I'm diggin his good vibes in this photo :)

"heart breaker" tank  +  "good vibes" tee

I'm so incredibly glad to have met such a fabulous lady. You guys, Sera is one of the most humble, talented, determined, sweet, hard working, creative chicks I know. I'm so honored to be representing her and all the amazing things she's created! Everything she does is quality and she puts so much thought into every detail! Even her packaging is on point! You feel like you're receiving a gift not just a package. She puts heart into what she does and its so so obvious. When you shop small you are directly supporting someone's dream. In this case, you're supporting someone who is extremely good at what she does and clearly has a great vision for the growth of her company. I just have to rave about her because she's down right amazing and I love what she's done and how she treats everyone she meets. Ok, I'll just let you see how cool she is for yourself :) I did a fun little interview with her below so you can get to know a little more about Sera and her stellar shop!

The effortless beauty behind Mulberry Press Co.

How did the name Mulberry Press Co. come about?

To make a long explanation short, the growth of a mulberry tree is a lot like how I envisioned growing my business. Starting with the concept of one media and growing it into a full product range store. A mulberry tree is a specific type of tree that produces rice paper which is used in all types of things - clothing, food, paper products, etc. When deciding on a name that best symbolized what I wanted for my business, Mulberry seemed to capture my complete vision. That may sound weird and cheesy but I guess that's my personality! Haha!

What made you decide to start your business?

I've been working in corporate design for years and although it's been a great learning experience, I've always felt like it wasn't entirely fulfilling. I really wanted full range to be able to design what I was passionate about and part of that passion is spreading a bigger vision of positivity, social interaction & building relationships. My favorite part of my business to this day is seeing the smiles and happiness of each person who orders from my shop. 

Whats something you've learned from the experience?

I have a long list of things that I've learned, but the best lesson has been learning to trust in myself and my decisions. I've found that owning my own business has given me a great sense of self with who I am as a woman, a wife, a friend and a business owner. Being able to believe in myself and what I'm passionate about is one of the most fulfilling things and I'm so happy that I found that with my business. It has definitely taught me a lot about the type of person I am and what I strive to be every day.

What are some of your biggest goals for the year?

Some of my biggest goals for this year would be expanding my business to offer more products, bringing on help (ahh!), collaborating with awesome shops & updating my business plans for the next couple years.

What does a day in the life of Sera look like?

I get up around 4:15 am and (after coffee, of course) it's work work and more work! Somewhere in there I get in time with my main squeeze and we usually spend it watching movies. :)

What's something quirky about you?

I have a crazy obsession with stickers, pillows and mugs. Like, crazy to the point where we have 20 pillows on our sofa, boxes full of stickers I've collected over the years and enough mugs for every person on earth. Hahaha!

If you could have any super power what would it be?
Well, flying would be cool (so I could visit all the rad shops around the world) but if I could make up my own it would definitely be the power to change moods. :) 

Thanks so much, Sera, for allowing me the opportunity to feature you and brag about you just a bit :) I'm so happy that our paths crossed and that you are living out your dream girl! You are extremely inspirational! Thanks for letting me grill you! I loved reading your answers and I'm sure others will too! I wish you all the best in the future of your business and am so excited to see what else you come up with!!

If you want to make a purchase head over to her website ( and use the code "LITTLES20" to receive 20% off your purchase!!! I'd hurry though, because this code only last till the end of TODAY!!

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