Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Meet Bri & Tyler // Tribe is Alive

I met Bri a while back when she and Tyler had just started Tribe is Alive. I was immediately impressed! All their tees are so playful and fun! Perfect for kids right? I mean I'm not gonna lie, I've wanted many of their tees for myself as well so you know they have a good thing going ;) This Oklahoma based husband/wife team have a unique style all of their own. they keep all their funny, playful tees current by using lyrics we all recognize and love! They'll either make you laugh or spread good vibes, and who wouldn't appreciate that?! Every design is created by them and printed on the softest tees possible! I'm completely in love with this brand! My kids love wearing their tees and it never fails that they get major compliments every time we leave the house with them on! I snapped some photos of my littles in the ones that we have, but you MUST check out their website for more!!

Nyah wearing "strawberry fields forever"

Ryder rocking his "summa summa summertime" tank

headed to the pool in his fav tank!! He's obsessed with this one! Of course because he loves the song and his fav color is green. When I say favorite I mean its the only color that exists to him haha ;)

He totally makes me want to be 5 again

I totally should have taken a video... his dance moves KILL me!

Now that you've seen a small portion of what they create, let me introduce you to Bri and Tyler! I did a short interview with Bri and am stoked to bring it to you! These two not only make a really cute baby, but they are the coolest, most down to earth, creative, determined couple! They put a lot of thought and creativity into what they do and we all get to benefit from it!

Bri and Tyler with their little cutie! Lookin' sharp guys :D!

How did you come up with the name "Tribe is Alive"? 

Tyler actually came up with the name. We wanted something that would somehow represent us as people that way we weren't tempted to change our name in the future. Our name touches mostly on his Native American heritage, which is also our daughters now.

What made you decide to start your company? 
My husband is a high school art teacher. He's always been interested in making his own tees, but didn't quite know where to start. We decided on the path of making screen printed tees for little ones when we found out we were having a baby of our own. Just like he'd always say "I wish I could find a shirt that says _____" or has such & such artwork, we'd say the same for our baby on the way. She's the biggest inspiration behind our designs.

What's one of the biggest things you've learned from starting your own business? 

It's hard. So hard. And you're going to fail ten times to every one time you succeed. Perseverance is key.

What is a goal you'd like to reach in the near future? 

We really just want to continue to keep doing what we're already doing now. We'd love continued success. We are so very thankful with how far we've already come, it has truly surpassed our expectations. The ability to see peoples little ones dressed in our tees makes us incredibly happy & proud & we'd just love to have that continue on.

Describe a typical day for you guys? 

While school is in session week nights consist of answering emails & printing when we get the chance. Weekends are definitely for printing & trying to create new designs. We're more than ready for summer so we can focus a bit more on the business & keeping our customers satisfied. On my days off, emails are answered while our daughter naps & post office runs are always in order.

What is something quirky about you? 

I'm really boringly normal.

If you could be BFF's with any celebrity who would you choose? 

I'd choose an athlete, Kevin Durant. I know my husband would say the same. He's the most kind hearted, hard working guy out there, plus he looks like he'd be a lot of fun to hang out with!

Haha I doubt you have NOTHING quirky about you, but I guess I'll respect that you want to be a little mysterious ;) I love your advice to persevere through the mistakes when starting a business! Its so true and such a great reminder to not get so discouraged that you give up! Thanks for sharing with us a little about you guys and how you got started! Glad that our paths crossed and that I get to represent such a stellar company!

You guys HAVE to check them out! and if you want to purchase one or more of your favs for less, just use the code: "Thelittleslife"  to receive 15% off your entire purchase! Make sure to also follow them on instagram (@tribeisalive) so you can be the first to see their newest releases and sales!!Thanks Bri and Tyler!!

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