Monday, June 23, 2014

A Brief Little Introduction

our attempt at a family photo at the beach last week haha

Hey blog & IG friends (new and old), I thought I'd take a minute to introduce myself since I havn't really done that apart from when I started this whole thing! I'm a wife of ten years (in aug) and a SAH mommy of three, though I've always had some kind of part time job in addition to my main job ;). I live in the DC area and have grown up here almost my whole life! For the past three years I've taught dance to all ages at a studio and prior to that I was dancing professionally for the Washington Wizards (NBA) and the Washington Redskins (NFL) for a bout 4 years total on and off. My husband is a rock star and fully supported me while dancing in between having children.  I've been dancing for as long as I can remember and it's remained a passion if mine. Now seeing my daughter enjoy it just as much and excel and shine in dance has made it all the more fulfilling in ways I never dreamed. It's now something we share.

I started this little blog and IG of mine about 4 months ago. I have friends who started their own business and I'd started making new friends through IG and started thinking... I want to know more about the cool people behind all these amazing shops and I bet others do too! We all like shopping and hunting for a great deal but I didn't want people to forget that there's major love that goes into each item and that there's a story behind how the shop started that maybe we could appreciate or relate to even! Life is all about relationships! They make this big world seem smaller and richer and if I can help connect people in addition to great quality small shops/product, then my mission is complete! I love it! I love meeting new people and learning their story and I just figured I can't be the only one!! So many of these shop owners are down right amazing and deserve all the respect in the world for being kings/queens of multitasking and not giving up on pursuing a dream no matter how big or small! That was long, but my story in a nutshell guys ;) I'm always up for emails, questions, whatevs! I read every comment and appreciate every like. It means that you support what I'm doing and the shops I represent! And it really makes all of this worth the effort! Thank you for following, liking, reading, and commenting xoxoxo happy Monday babes!!

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