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Meet Sarah // Geo Fox Apparel

I don't know about you, but I'm always wishing for outfits for my kids that are trending, but also timeless. Sure trends are great, but how nice is it to find pieces that you'll ALWAYS like while also staying up to date? Simple, playful, classic, witty, something that always "goes". Sarah has truly found her niche in creating Geo Fox Apparel!! She not only has created the cutest tees/tanks, but also has shorts and pants... Oh and kimonos and dresses... impressed yet?!! That may not sound like much to you, but it's hard work to create an entire look that's in your brain and make it come to life!! Tee's may bot be the hardest ever to create, but pants can definitely be so tricky to get right. She's seriously nailed it! I would outfit my kids entirely in her designs any day! And that's saying a lot! She has a perfect variety and great items for both boys and girls! Geo Fox is fairly new, but has already BLOWN up and that's no surprise to me at all!! It's very clear why. Take a look at the tee and kimono she sent us!

Kylan wearing "have a golden state of mind" tee, and Nyah wearing the white fringe kimono! I die!

The sass is just an indication of how much she loves the kimono haha (strutting down the sidewalk).

all her tees are truly the softest ever! Aaaand I think I need this kimono for me ;)

OH! And I should probably tell you... she just recently released The "tomboy chic" tee in an adult size, so us mommies can enjoy her designs too!! Woohoo!!

I'm wearing a small, so you can see its very cozy and loose fitting... think boyfriend tee ;)

my aztec head wrap c/o Raine and Skye

I'm obsessed!

 Check out to see so much more of what Sarah has to offer! It's so good that I'm already getting really excited to see what else she comes up with... like I can hardly stand it! I'm so so excited for her and love seeing mommy's make their vision come to life. Even better when they become successful while doing what they love! Sarah is such a sweet heart, down to earth, and passionate about what she does! I'm inspired by her and love that I've gotten to know her a little better! Now you can too ;) I was fortunate enough to be able to interview her so we could all get to know the lovely lady behind the amazing Geo Fox Apparel! Take a look!

 Sarah, her husband, and two boys :) Sheesh! I don't think they could TRY to look bad ;)

gorgeous couple right there!

the lovely stunner behind the brand... Sarah

How did Geo Fox Apparel come about? 
I have always loved fashion, design, & marketing & I guess Geo Fox was born out of a desire to find fashion forward clothes for my boys while also giving me a creative outlet.  It is my design & fashion esthetic. I created Geo Fox in a sense for me. I AM my customer- when I am designing I think would I buy this? would this be something I would put on my boys or buy for a friends girl? I market to ME ( the SAHM with a love for all things cool) 

Who or what would you say has been your biggest inspiration along the way? 
hands down my husband. He is my biggest fan & such a believer in the brand I have created. . I admire him more than I can say! He was the one who helped me push through all the doubts & fears I have/still have of running a small business.

Tell us briefly what your typical day is like. 
oh boy are you ready for it? so my day starts at 6:30 when my youngest son gets up ( after usually getting up at least at 1:00 & 3:00) I feed him, change him, stumble down the stairs, inject...I mean drink as much coffee as possible, make breakfast, & then by this time my 3 year old is up & ready for the day! we either go to the gym or run or run a couple errands & then baby goes down for a nap. during nap time I will usually play a game or do a craft with my older son & then answer email, print out shipping labels, order more fabric...just get some work stuff done. & then it is on to lunch, playtime, throw in a load of laundry(this would be on like a really productive day which happens like not very often :/) , take a walk, both boys go down for a nap & then I really hustle! packaging orders, posting on social media, emails again. (okay I am tired just writing this...) at this point I am exhausted & am thinking another Starbucks run would be lovely- which we might do that or meet some friends at the park. & then it is home to throw something in for dinner, give the boys baths, read books, & off to bed they go...ahhh now I can relax- no just kidding I have more work to do shipping orders, researching, & planning for the future ( but at least I get to do all this while watching some of my favorite tv shows)
honestly, my days are so full- & sometimes I feel overwhelmed, but I LOVE what I do. I LOVE being a mom & a wife, but I also love being a business owner & designer...& loving what you do & the life you create for yourself is priceless 

What is one of your biggest goals for this year? 
to be able to create jobs for people. one of my goals in starting my business was to be able to have enough coming in so that I could help my youngest sister through college. I am working hard to make that a reality. 

If there's one thing you've learned from creating this business from the ground up that you'd want to share, what would it be? 
that every person is capable of greatness & by that I mean that we all have something in us deep down that we would love to do, but fear holds us all back from truly living the life that we want for ourselves, but if you can find that one thing that you love, that you are good at, & grab a hold of that & run...give it everything you have & it will pay off I promise. & that is why we are all capable of greatness because we all have that ability. 

Got any hidden talents? 
uhhh...not really what you see is what you get. I have told people before that I am kind of good at a lot of little things, but not really great at any one thing. 

Something that is top priority on your bucket list.
oh I have like a million things on my bucket list, but go to Europe is probably at the top! My husband & I are planning on going this summer & I can not wait!! 

I love that you're desire is to ultimately create jobs for others and to be able to help your sister with college funding! I admire that you aren't so wrapped up in your dream and visions, that there's clearly a big part of you that is others focused. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us a little about yourself! Love what you are doing/creating and wish you all the best as you move forward!! For all of you reading, go check out her website: and use the code, "littleship" for free domestic shipping!! Make sure you are also following Sarah on instagram (@geofoxapparel) for the latest arrivals and sales!! Thanks Sarah!! We are hooked on Geo Fox!! xoxo

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