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Meet Megan // Victory Day & Co.

Now here is a feature that I'm so so stoked about!!! I've been so excited for the opportunity to share this one!! You see, Megan is actually a friend of mine. So it's been REALLY hard for me to wait for her launch to be able to share her beautiful creations with you! Now that she's been up and running for a couple months, it's time to show you what my friend is made of and how proud I am that she is pursuing something she is so so good at! Let me just tell you, when I started my blog a few months ago I contacted her right away to see if she would help make it "pretty" :). Everything you see here... the beautiful water color, the logo, any pretty details... it was all Megan! She was kind enough to offer her artistic abilities to me and she really hit the nail on the head! I didn't even know what I wanted, but she did haha! I feel like her art work could completely stand alone, but she's added witty sayings, inspiration, and bible verses to them. They make wonderful gifts (house warming, baby nursery, etc) and really add that little bit of extra to a room. I'll brag for her and go ahead and tell you that shortly after opening her shop on etsy, a local boutique found her and has added her artwork to the store!! I seriously couldn't be more happy for her! She sent me a few prints that I couldn't wait to put up!! I'll show you them as an example, but you REALLY need to look at her shop ( to see more!

Her floral ampersand (clipboard on the right) was the perfect addition to my gallery wall!

"I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection" (print in the center)

left to right: yellow bungalow shop print, my DIY floral "N", victory day and co print, moon & wanderlust dreamcatcher, and mulberry press co. print.

I couldn't have asked for something more fitting for my daughters bedroom! Such a perfect reminder for her written beautifully and decorated in the most beautiful watercolor blooms!

Now that you've seen a couple of Megan's creations, I'm thrilled to introduce you to her!! She's the sweetest most caring woman you'll ever meet, hands down! She's an amazing mommy with strong convictions. She's a friend that will drop everything to run to your side and rescue you, day or night. She's a woman of strength and grace, beautiful on the inside and out. I'm so glad that you get to meet her. It makes her prints that much more beautiful! Here's the little Q&A I did with her...

Meg and her beautiful family!!

How did you come up with the name “Victory Day & Co.”?

I was trying to think of a name for this shop when my mom was over one day. She was throwing out shop names + suggested the word victory. I loved itVictory is a word we use when something major has been accomplished. Wreaths (which I paint a lot of) have been a beautiful symbol of victory since the very first Olympian games in 776BC, where victors would be adorned with laurel wreaths on their heads. The word victory has an even deeper meaning than anything you or I could ever accomplish. That is the victory that Jesus had by taking our place on the cross. Jesus is the giver of life and he gives to us fully. He came, died and was resurrected and through these amazing events He gave us victory over our sin and death. It’s because of this victory that we can pursue life to the fullest. The freedom this victory brings to me is what ultimately motivates me daily, and it’s what this shop is named after.

What inspired you to create your own shop?

A combination of things has worked together to inspire me! I’ve wanted to pursue “something” creative for a while but had too many ideas floating around. I just had to hone in on one thing that I really loved, that I could work on after my kids went to bed. I decided to show my watercolors to an artist I had never met named Alison Fennell that I knew about through her successful shop "Eastwitching" on Etsy, and just crossed my fingers that she’d get back to me. SHE DID! And she was so encouraging and helpful. She was a huge inspiration and told me exactly what I needed to start a shop. She, believing in me, inspired me not just to start this shop, but to continue reaching out to people I dearly respect when I need real advice and feedback. My husband was/is extremely supportive and came alongside me to help me get everything in place to start selling high-quality pieces that look as legit as the originals. When I felt like giving up and washing my hands clean of pursuing this endeavor, he wouldn’t let me. He pulled pieces of my art out of the trash when I’d chuck them and told me I was amazing and needed to continue pursuing what made me happy. Having someone believe in you like that is huge.  And… I just have the best friends and sisters and sister-in-laws in the world. They have been supportive and a major inspiration. I’m thankful for all these people. I feel like everyone deserves someone to believe in them and support them and I feel super thankful to have that.

What’s something you’ve learned from starting your own business that you could share with us?

I don’t know that I have anything new to share! One thing I’m learning right now is to enjoy the process. I can get so goal-oriented want to see the finished product right away instead of enjoying the time it takes to create something beautiful or learn something new.  Also, I feel like it’s important to know your limits and to be OK with them. A couple of people that I really respect and have wanted to get to know have asked me to work on custom projects, and I’ve had to say no to them for right now. That’s just a bummer to not have “time” to work on something that could lead to exposure or open the door to other creative opportunities or new friendships. But I think it’s good. It’s good to know your limits and know what you have time to pursue and it’s good to remember what’s most important in your life. For me it’s my fam + my children’s education +  still making time to serve people. Victory Day & Co. is my favorite hobby that I'm working tremendously hard on, but it's not my life.

What is something you want to accomplish in the coming year?

One personal thing I'm working on is taking care of my health. Not just skinny but healthy and strong and rested. I don't know what accomplishment would look like specifically but I can't wait to start seeing muscle build. ;)

What is a typical day in the life of Megan? 

Gotta start it off with a shower and a good breakfast or I'm a mess!! ;) We use our weekdays to go to the library or get together with other families or field trips, but most days we’re at home in our sweats doing school. We do schoolwork till about 10:30and they’ll play together or we’ll run over to the park till about noon when we’re home for lunch. My son Grayson is still taking naps, so during that time my daughter Sky and I will do her math lesson and maybe paint together. I also try to prep for dinner while Gray’s taking a nap or at least figure out what in the world I’ll be making. We try to go to the pool a couple times a week at the YMCA so we’ll do that right after he wakes up… then our evening prob looks a lot like the rest of yours: Daddy comes home, we’ll eat dinner and then play. My kids love to play hide-and-seek in the dark with a flashlight with Jonathan when he’s home while I clean up the kitchen. Once my kids are in bed, I get to work!

If you could be bff’s with any celebrity who would it be? 

I think it might be Zooey Deschanel. Love that girl.

What is something really quirky about you? 

so many things… I’m super weird. When I accidentally drop something, my reflexes make the muscles in my chin tense up, giving me the stupidest 1-second duck face ever.

Thank you so so much for sharing Meg!! I love your advice, to know your limits! I think we can all be reminded of that in general as busy, multitasking women! Also, I need to see this duck face reflex haha! Glad I was able to share your story and your shop and thanks again so much for making my blog pretty and creating amazing and perfectly fitting logos for me! Such a gift! Megan is offering 20% off any order you place with her between now and next wednesday the 11th. Just use the code "LITTLES" on her website,! You can also follow her in instagram @megfarr_. She takes beautiful photos as well! Thanks for supporting such a wonderful shop!!

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