Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Meet Jennifer // Salt City Emporium

Salt City Emporium has been a favorite of mine for quite some time now! I just love the playfulness of the clothing! It's no surprise that my kids love all of it as well as it totally fits their little imaginations :) I admire Jen and the way she does business. If you want to feel like you are ordering from a friend, who keeps it real and answers any questions you have, she's your girl, this is your company! She's so very genuine and hard working! She's a team player and very creative! Basically, I'm just really glad to have found this great company and getting to know Jen just made it even more fun for me! If you haven't seen her cute clothes yet, here's a little introduction! Trust me though, there is way too much goodness on her website (, so be sure to check it out! These three items she sent us are from her newest "carnival" line! We are obsessed... like for real.

featuring: black and white striped carnival drop shorts (on Kylan), poppy carnival head wrap (on Nyah), and strong man carnival tee shirt (on Ryder)

so yeah... never a dull moment with this little crew!

the carnival characters on the head wrap are so so well done and the color is amazing!!

so you can see the "drop" in the shorts :)

bc his tongue isn't sticking out here haha, but I really love that these shorts hit just below his knee. I'm not gonna lie he totally ATE it 5 minutes after I took this photo and his knees were saved! It's the little things :)

art work on a tee shirt. literally. Another reason I die over this collection!

Every item is so well made and clearly detail oriented! I love when the clothes I put on my kids are as soft as can be and make a statement! I also love that Salt City is doing collaborations to showcase the talents of artists on their clothing! What a great match!! Thank you for making kids clothes that stand out, are great quality, creative, durable, and so cozy! It's the best when my kids are in love with the items just as much as I am! Win, win is what I'm sayin'!

Now that you all have gotten a sneak peak at what Jen is capable of, lets learn more about her! I had the opportunity to interview her and liked her right away! I know you will too! She's a true gem, a dedicated woman who listens to her gut. I respect that ;)

duh she's cute as ever!

How did Salt City Emporium start?
Salt City Emporium was originally designed to be an open air market, but after traveling around the country to check-out other markets, it struck me that I no longer wanted a brick and mortar and that online sales would be the best fit for me and my family.  Voila, Salt City Emporium was born.  We had always intended to have a soft goods line, my four year is in marketing and my secondary degree is in merchandising,  which allowed for a lot of flexibility in how we started. 

Who/what has inspired you the most on this journey?   
My parents, I come from a long line of entrepreneurs. I love to work hard, and I saw both of my parents burn the midnight oil, they are equally inspiring to me in how I grow and nurture the company.   

What has been your biggest take away or lesson(s) learned from starting your own business? 
How hard it is to run your own business!  My biggest lessons are to always remain true to how I want to run Salt City.  I am constantly told that I need to be "less nice", but Salt City Emporium is based on that in regards to our customer service all the way down to our green packaging, and our outreach in the community.  I like that we stand for that, and I think it's been a good lesson for me to learn that I need to embrace it and not be ashamed of it.  :) 

What do you hope to accomplish in the near future? 
I hope to accomplish a better handle on our growth, it's nuts, and getting further out in our planning is what is on the agenda for 2014.   

What is a typical day like for you? 
I wake up early, have a cup of coffee while answering overnight emails and scour IG for all my favorite feeds.  Get the kids up, fed, dressed and out the door for school.  Head to the studio and start the day, our studio hours are from 9:00-5:30 or 6:00 PM depending on the day.  It consists of either fabric orders, fabric picking, packing orders, creative meetings with the team, paying invoices, or in my other SCE life, the day might consist of working with clients on their small businesses to create an online marketing and branding plan, the other half of what Salt City Emporium entails.  (We like to keep it interesting and overly busy.) The rest of the night is just hanging with my family and last minute work details before it's off to zzzzzzzz! 

If you could have any super power, what would it be? 
The ability to add more time to the day, or just freeze it for a while!  It would be great to sleep in, hang out with friends and family more, or even just sneak in a few more emails.   

what is something super quirky about you? 
I hate long fingernails.  Also certain velvety fabrics make me lose my voice, temporarily, something about the texture or feel takes my breath away.  My sister used to tease me and have me feel certain fabrics just to watch it happen.    (Now you know something about me only a few people in my life know, maybe I should erase that?)

haha I love your quirkiness Jen! I will tell you right now, my husband knows that's my biggest pet peev... long finger/toe nails. BLEH! totally relate on that one!!  Thanks so much for sharing with us! Oh and since Jen is so so lovely, she's sharing a discount code so you can receive 15% off your purchase!! Just use the code, "littleslife14" at check out (! The code will be good from now until 5/11/14. Be sure to follow @saltcityemporium on instagram as well for the latest sales releases and giveaways!!

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