Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Meet Heather // Feathers on 1st

So excited to share this lovely lady and her shop with you!! First of all... she has mad skills and impeccable taste!! I'd already been eyeing her items (ok maybe stalking her IG haha) when she'd contacted me about getting together on a post. Clearly I jumped on that because I'm obsessed with EVERYTHING she does! Now that I've seen it in person, I'm officially hooked and I know so many mom friends of mine that would love her style! She not only creates the most gorgeous, modern, great quality, classic pillow covers, but she also makes baby leggings as well! I'm pretty sure she could make whatever she wanted to and it would turn out amazing! I love her attention to detail and her eye for design. Now I have some great items for my home that nobody else has ;) I must also say, that Heather is so genuine, sweet, and down to earth! She's a breath of fresh air, and clearly has her head on straight. Its really been a joy to work with her and get to know her better! Before I introduce you to her, check out the throw pillow and tea towel she sent me!!

My husband knows that I have an addiction to throw pillows. This is just one of the areas where Heather and I vibe ;) I'd go to Target for something productive and come back with a new throw pillow. Then I had too many and needed to stop! What can I say, I like to change it up and keep things fresh! I haven't bought a pillow in a LONG time! I've practiced some self control haha. So this little beauty right here made me the happiest!! Its just so perfect! It took me forever to decide if I wanted it in my room or on the couch. I'll probably switch off :) But right now, it looks perfect here! My room is yellow, black and white, and is all about simplicity, clean lines, and a touch of romance. I'm in love with the fabric/print on this one but she has SO many more great ones!!

oh, hi perfect little tea towel.

Let's talk about this tea towel! Another classic in black and white! Really you can't go wrong with black and white right? I have it wrapped around a wine bottle to show how cute it'd be for a hostess gift, or house warming gift! Even her tags are cute and you could write to/from on it or add your own little tag! That little red thing is a nifty little loop for hanging in the kitchen (its all in the details!). It's basically the perfect little accessory to dress up the kitchen but also fuctional. This will definitely be hanging in my kitchen! Its way to good to stick in a drawer ;)

Now that you've gotten a chance to see a sneak peek of what Heather has to offer, Let me introduce you to this fabulous lady behind the designs! I'm so honored that I was able to post this for her and that I got to know her a little better. Here's a little interview I did with her the other day!

Heather and her adorable little fam! I swear I don't have a criteria for model looking families only!!

How was Feathers on 1st born (what made you decide to start)?

The start of FOF was out of a need to spruce up my home. I am a constant re-decorator and I was always changing the colors of my living room. The best way to liven up a living room is with some pillow, so thats exactly what I did. Then it just caught on from that.

Who/what has been your biggest inspiration along the way?

I would have to say my family. I come form a family that owns a very successful business and my husband has started two of his own business. Being surround by that much entrepreneurship is kinda contagious.

What is one of the biggest things(s) you've learned so far from starting your own business?
Don't stop. Don't stop pushing. Don't stop trying. Don't stop creating. Don't stop reaching out. As hard as it is you just have to continually put your self out there. Giving good content and reach for your biggest goals. 

What is something you hope to accomplish this year?

Connections. I love the people and businesses I have connected with, it fuels me. 

Describe a day in the life of Heather...

Well it usually starts with a toddler crying or singing in her bedroom across from mine. Then the morning routine of food and giggles commences. When the weather is nice we are at the beach, building sand castles and freezing our bums off in the water. We anxiously await the arrival of Daddy and celebrate when he gets home with some Sesame Street. Ending the day with a walk down our cities Main St. If I am lucky I get time to sew or send some emails but Netflix usually wins me over. I am one blessed Girl.

What is something super quirky about you?

Good Lord what isn't quirky about me.... Background commercials in the car kill my vibe. I can not stand commercials on the radio. Like I start a furry of changing the radio stations when its commercials, and they all play commercials at the same time so I end up smashing my poor car radios buttons like a mad woman. 

Haha Obviously I can totally relate with the whole pillow obsession :) And it seems that you have great support system, work ethic, and balance! So awesome! And you're definitely not alone with avoiding commercials! I'd rather have silence, especially in the morning when I've barely gotten a sip of my coffee and headed out the door! There's been many times I just turn the thing off till music comes on haha. Thanks again so much for sharing, Heather! Glad you found your niche and are doing what you love! And so glad we met!!

For anyone interested in purchasing... go check out her website ( www.featherson1st.net )!! Heather is offering all of you lovely readers of mine a discount of 15% off using the code: LittlesLife :) Isn't she awesome? :) Make sure to follow @featherson1st on instagram as well so you can get the inside scoop on more discounts and new releases!! I promise you won't be sorry, buuut can't promise you won't be tempted ;) 

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