Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Meet Nichole // Riley Clay Designs

I met Nichole months ago after obsessing over everything in her shop!  Of course her signature "Jesus saves, bro." tees stood out to me the most, but when I checked out her shop... so impressed!! This platinum blonde cutie has a serious sense of style and loves Jesus at the same time. I love that she has a conviction to share a message on clothes for the world to see. I absolutely love being able to support brands like this one! Nichole is beautiful on the inside and out. It's so obvious. In just the small amount that we've communicated is so clear. Se doesn't just want to make great clothes, and spread a great message, but also wants YOU to enjoy what she's doing! She sent us all some goodies and we get SO many compliments on them! Check it out...

I should also mention that some if these tees are way too fitting to the kid wearing them haha. And of course everything we own of hers is the softest thing ever! We are all about comfort over here :) Go check out her store! She has a TON to choose from and my favorite part is all the options she gives you! You can choose almost any design to go on any style tee/tank! How rad is that?! She's also offering 15% off any purchase using the code: SMARTCLAN15 :) it's good now till next Saturday (6/7)!!! Happy shopping y'all!!!

Thanks Nichole for being so awesome! The Smart clan are fans for life!! xo

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Meet Catherine // Stellar Seven

Every momma of boys that I know is always on the hunt for a great brand of clothes for them. If it's not a basic tee, it's hard to find shirts that "get it right". We want fresh, funny, quirky, modern, designs. It's a tall order it seems, but Catherine seems to be on point... thank GOODNESS! Not only are the designs perfect, but the tees and tanks are SO soft, so the boys not only look cute as ever in them, they FEEL good! That also makes my life so much easier ;) Catherine has worked tirelessly to build Stellar Seven and she has great motivation behind it! Her work ethic and vision is clearly shown in her product and I couldn't be happier for her success!! It's not easy being a mommy and running your own business! I'm so inspired by her and so many other wonderful women who have made it happen, and with flying colors at that! The boys have gotten so many compliments on their shirts already and I'm proud to tell people that ask, where they came from! Here's a few pics so you can see for yourself!

seriously, this "hola mama" tank is perfection!

he thinks this is "i love you"... well its close enough ;)

LOVE this one..."one love" with the one and only Bob Marley ;)

always in action... always

high fivin'

and some lovin' :)

Theres more on their website ( and you definitely wont be disappointed! Catherine is also offering a discount code that ends this friday!!! Use "STELLARLOVE" for 15% off your entire order :) She's really awesome... speaking of Catherine... LETS MEET HER!

Catherine and her men ;)

What's the meaning behind the name, "Stellar Seven"? 

My son's name has been passed down, and he's the 7th generation with it. My sons full name is Martin Stellar Ruiz VII. Stellar Seven just sounded perfect together and it really represents my inspiration behind this business.

What made you decide to start your own business?

Fashion has always been my passion. So after having Stellar in 2012, I immediately became addicted with kids apparel- of course mainly with boys clothing- and started screen printing tees for him and it just blossomed overtime. Received many compliments on his "Hola Mama" tees, so with the support of my husband, Stellar Seven was created!

Who/what has been your biggest inspirations along the way?

No doubt, my son Stellar!! This is all for him! 

What's something you've learned from your experience so far that you could share with us?

Ha, I've learned soo many things since opening back in November 2013. But the number one thing is patience. Take the time to do it right. I'm sure people have heard that before, but seriously that's the key!  Running a business with young children is NOT an easy task by any means. But, at the end of the day, I usually feel accomplished in my goals for the day!

What is a big goal you have for the next year or so?

Start wholesaling and see my products out boutiques and even retail stores would be amazing!

What is something super quirky about you? 

Umm well I'm a huge Disney fan and I've been collecting Disney Trading Pins for about 10 years or so. I have a book at home full of pages of Disney pins. I know, I'm such a nerd! Hahaa! 

What superpower would I have if I could have one.

Well I definitely would love to have super fast superpowers. Haha!! This way when I have to work in the office and screen print tees, I can do it in warp speed and be done in like 5 mins and not even be tired. Then I would have the rest of the day to spend with Stellar! 

Thanks so much for sharing Catherine! It's really been such a pleasure getting to know you and featuring such a driven, genuine, hard working mompreneur! I love your advice to simply be patient when it comes to starting up a business and your super power choice would definitely be useful! I don't even know what Disney trading pins are so I feel completely out of the loop on that one, may have something to do with the fact that I live nowhere near a Disney park ;) I love what you're doing and can totally see you stocked in stores all over the place!! Keep up the great work! I'm excited to see you grow even bigger and see what you come up with next!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Meet Heather // Feathers on 1st

So excited to share this lovely lady and her shop with you!! First of all... she has mad skills and impeccable taste!! I'd already been eyeing her items (ok maybe stalking her IG haha) when she'd contacted me about getting together on a post. Clearly I jumped on that because I'm obsessed with EVERYTHING she does! Now that I've seen it in person, I'm officially hooked and I know so many mom friends of mine that would love her style! She not only creates the most gorgeous, modern, great quality, classic pillow covers, but she also makes baby leggings as well! I'm pretty sure she could make whatever she wanted to and it would turn out amazing! I love her attention to detail and her eye for design. Now I have some great items for my home that nobody else has ;) I must also say, that Heather is so genuine, sweet, and down to earth! She's a breath of fresh air, and clearly has her head on straight. Its really been a joy to work with her and get to know her better! Before I introduce you to her, check out the throw pillow and tea towel she sent me!!

My husband knows that I have an addiction to throw pillows. This is just one of the areas where Heather and I vibe ;) I'd go to Target for something productive and come back with a new throw pillow. Then I had too many and needed to stop! What can I say, I like to change it up and keep things fresh! I haven't bought a pillow in a LONG time! I've practiced some self control haha. So this little beauty right here made me the happiest!! Its just so perfect! It took me forever to decide if I wanted it in my room or on the couch. I'll probably switch off :) But right now, it looks perfect here! My room is yellow, black and white, and is all about simplicity, clean lines, and a touch of romance. I'm in love with the fabric/print on this one but she has SO many more great ones!!

oh, hi perfect little tea towel.

Let's talk about this tea towel! Another classic in black and white! Really you can't go wrong with black and white right? I have it wrapped around a wine bottle to show how cute it'd be for a hostess gift, or house warming gift! Even her tags are cute and you could write to/from on it or add your own little tag! That little red thing is a nifty little loop for hanging in the kitchen (its all in the details!). It's basically the perfect little accessory to dress up the kitchen but also fuctional. This will definitely be hanging in my kitchen! Its way to good to stick in a drawer ;)

Now that you've gotten a chance to see a sneak peek of what Heather has to offer, Let me introduce you to this fabulous lady behind the designs! I'm so honored that I was able to post this for her and that I got to know her a little better. Here's a little interview I did with her the other day!

Heather and her adorable little fam! I swear I don't have a criteria for model looking families only!!

How was Feathers on 1st born (what made you decide to start)?

The start of FOF was out of a need to spruce up my home. I am a constant re-decorator and I was always changing the colors of my living room. The best way to liven up a living room is with some pillow, so thats exactly what I did. Then it just caught on from that.

Who/what has been your biggest inspiration along the way?

I would have to say my family. I come form a family that owns a very successful business and my husband has started two of his own business. Being surround by that much entrepreneurship is kinda contagious.

What is one of the biggest things(s) you've learned so far from starting your own business?
Don't stop. Don't stop pushing. Don't stop trying. Don't stop creating. Don't stop reaching out. As hard as it is you just have to continually put your self out there. Giving good content and reach for your biggest goals. 

What is something you hope to accomplish this year?

Connections. I love the people and businesses I have connected with, it fuels me. 

Describe a day in the life of Heather...

Well it usually starts with a toddler crying or singing in her bedroom across from mine. Then the morning routine of food and giggles commences. When the weather is nice we are at the beach, building sand castles and freezing our bums off in the water. We anxiously await the arrival of Daddy and celebrate when he gets home with some Sesame Street. Ending the day with a walk down our cities Main St. If I am lucky I get time to sew or send some emails but Netflix usually wins me over. I am one blessed Girl.

What is something super quirky about you?

Good Lord what isn't quirky about me.... Background commercials in the car kill my vibe. I can not stand commercials on the radio. Like I start a furry of changing the radio stations when its commercials, and they all play commercials at the same time so I end up smashing my poor car radios buttons like a mad woman. 

Haha Obviously I can totally relate with the whole pillow obsession :) And it seems that you have great support system, work ethic, and balance! So awesome! And you're definitely not alone with avoiding commercials! I'd rather have silence, especially in the morning when I've barely gotten a sip of my coffee and headed out the door! There's been many times I just turn the thing off till music comes on haha. Thanks again so much for sharing, Heather! Glad you found your niche and are doing what you love! And so glad we met!!

For anyone interested in purchasing... go check out her website ( )!! Heather is offering all of you lovely readers of mine a discount of 15% off using the code: LittlesLife :) Isn't she awesome? :) Make sure to follow @featherson1st on instagram as well so you can get the inside scoop on more discounts and new releases!! I promise you won't be sorry, buuut can't promise you won't be tempted ;) 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Meet Chrissy & Megan // The Kindred Street

I'm always on the hunt for a great deal and cute clothes for my kids, but one of the big reasons I started this blog was to meet amazing people and share them with you! I love meeting new people and connecting with and learning from them. It just makes life so rich. I've come across many small shops through instagram and etsy and there's so many gems out there! But every now and then I come across a shop that not only has great items, but solid people behind it. People that challenge my way of thinking... people I want to learn from. This specific company I'm introducing you today promotes a message on every single piece of apparel for adults and kids! It's a message we all need to hear and keep on repeat in our brains :) Chrissy and Megan are reminding us to be kind! They aren't just reminding us though, they're taking action themselves! Here's a little tid bit from their blog that explains:

"Putting kindness into action is the concept that motivated us to open our online store. Proceeds from our merchandise will help fund a variety of non-profit organizations close to our hearts. In doing this we hope to shine light on those doing good in the world; proving that kindness is tangible and real and that giving to others is accessible and not so far out of reach."

I just love that! Thanks for paving the way for your children and setting a wonderful example for all of us! Life is so much bigger than a shirt we wear. Our fashion statements can mean something even more and you've totally done that! For those of you that are not familiar with this amazing company, let me show you what they have to offer! Not only is the message simple and beautiful, but the tees and tanks are so cozy you could sleep in them so really its a no brainer to support them! Check it out...

This tank is so perfect! Not too baggy, not too tight... a mamas dream basically ;) Very flattering and the colors make it so i can wear it with ANYTHING.

(peruvian bracelets c/o paint the town me)

speaking of being kind... ;) love when they have moments like this!

These grey v-necks are also perfect! Ryder likes to wear his to preschool to spread the message :)

They also have super soft raglan tees with "be kind" on them. All three of my kids love these! I think they just feel extra cool in them for some reason haha. They live in their tees basically, so we've been spreading the message everywhere! Grocery stores, the dance studio, school, church, playdates, the park, the mall... yup, everywhere.

My girly proudly sporting her pink v-neck. (headband c/o baby jules boutique)

Here's one more little excerpt from their blog. Just so you get a better idea of what these ladies are all about..

"What does kindness mean to us?

  • Kindness means thinking of others before yourself.
  • Kindness is an action to bless someone else with a genuine heart.
  • Kindness is making someone feel good about who they are.
  • Kindness means loving our differences.
  • Kindness means doing something unexpected to make someone feel good." 

I'm more than honored to share these women and their shop with you! They not only sell these great clothes with the "be kind" message on them, but they have a great blog where they share personal experiences, diy's, food inspirations, decorating tips and more! You'll also see them invite guest bloggers in to share as well! These two friends are beautiful inside and out, I'd totes hang out with them if I lived on the west coast! I was fortunate enough to be able to pick their brains a little so let me share our little interview sesh with you!

Chrissy and her adorable crew

Megan and her cute as ever fam

Chrissy and Megan with their boys <3 I could eat those little blondies up!

How was "The Kindred Street" born? 
The Kindred Street was born out of a desire to create something bigger than ourselves. We wanted to create something that would fulfill our creative needs but also encourage and highlight other women's talents and gifts while providing a way to give back to others.

Who or what has inspired you the most?
CP: Women who are doing what they love inspire me. I get so inspired by entrepreneurial women like Marie Forleo and Susan Peterson. They found what their niche, their talents and they are putting it out there and owning it! 

MP: I've been inspired by many but most recently, I've been incredibly moved by Richie & Natalie Norton and their book, The Power of Starting Something Stupid. Its truly a must read! Within two chapters it had me reexamining how I was living my life. Its a book about solidifying your vision- your dreams- making them real and doing it authentically, because life is not only made richer from achieving your dreams, but also from doing so while remaining true to yourself.

What is one of the biggest lessons you've learned from starting your own business? 
CP: Do your research and planning but in the end just do it! Just publish your blog, put the paint to paper, or create what's in your mind and don't listen to other people's judgments. Do what makes you happy and you'll learn tips and tricks along the way that make you more successful at what your are setting out to do.

MP: Finding your passion is critical, it's what will keep you putting one foot in front of the other when you hit that inevitable rough patch. But it’s also important to realize that passion alone won’t fuel your business. In fact, excitement can actually cloud your thinking. You need to be realistic about your new business and prepare. Passion is great, but it must be tempered by planning and preparation.

What do you hope to accomplish within the next year?
CP: I hope to continue writing about my life experiences as a mom, therapist, and creative person in a meaningful way that others can connect to. I also hope to keep designing classic and cool apparel and accessories that spread positive messages and help raise money for the charities that are close to my heart.

MP: I hope to continue to discover and cultivate what drives me creatively. I also hope to dedicate more time serving my community.

What is a typical day like for you? 
CP: Wake up to my toddler alarm clock, play with trains and cars with cup of coffee in hand. Sneak in a break here and there during our play time to check emails, and post to our social media accounts. Head to the gym, go for a run or play date and then back home for nap time. During nap time I blog, take photos, create something for our DIY posts, or schedule clients for my therapy work. I try to squeeze in a load of laundry and clean the dishes here and there as well. After nap time we head outside again to see neighbors, friends, or go to the beach or park. When my husband get's home from work he usually decides what to make for dinner (I know I'm so blessed to have a man that likes to cook), I help with my sous chief duties while entertaining our son Waylon Early evening usually consists of dinnertime, bath, reading a book on trucks or trains, and then bedtime for Waylon. Once the babe is asleep we have dinner, a glass or two of wine and relax or fall asleep watching some show we are currently addicted to. 

MP: A typical day includes a handful or more of the following: Coffee, legos, emails, foo fighters, food photography, chocolate, air drumming, emails, park, gym, air guitar, hunting for treasure, listening to music, making dinner, building forts, making desserts, tv watching, cookbook reading.

If you could be bff's with any celebrity who would it be?
CP: Hands down Jennifer Lawrence; she's exploding with talent, has amazing style and extremely down-to-earth. 

MP: Three-way-tie between Tina Fey, Carrie Brownstein and Kristen Wiig…the ultimate friend trifecta. 

What is something super quirky about you?
CP: I love the smell of paper and when given a new book will instinctively put my nose in the pages to smell it. I hope you're all not weirded out by me now. ;)

MP: I believe that dessert tastes better when I'm alone. Trust me, it does.

I'm obsessed with Kristen Wigg and love sniffing paper! So, basically WE are kindred guys ;) Thanks for sharing Chrissy and Megan!! I'm totally going to check that book out, Megan! I admire how hard working and dedicated you and your families are! I've told you before, but I'll tell you again... LOVE what you're doing and am honored to stand behind you in support in any way! It seems like you two compliment each other so well which is awesome! If any of you out there reading this would be interested in purchasing a tee or tank for you or your little, just hop on over to their website,! Chrissy and Megan are so sweet that they want to offer a discount code for you all to use there as well!! Just use the code, "THELITTLESLIFE" and receive 20% off your entire purchase! It's good from today till June 7th. You can also check out their blog on the website too! You'll be hooked! They do an amazing job and are so genuine. Be sure to follow them on instagram (@thekindredstreet) to know when they have sales, updates, and giveaways as well!! Thanks again so much ladies, it was a joy getting to know you a little better!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Meet Jennifer // Salt City Emporium

Salt City Emporium has been a favorite of mine for quite some time now! I just love the playfulness of the clothing! It's no surprise that my kids love all of it as well as it totally fits their little imaginations :) I admire Jen and the way she does business. If you want to feel like you are ordering from a friend, who keeps it real and answers any questions you have, she's your girl, this is your company! She's so very genuine and hard working! She's a team player and very creative! Basically, I'm just really glad to have found this great company and getting to know Jen just made it even more fun for me! If you haven't seen her cute clothes yet, here's a little introduction! Trust me though, there is way too much goodness on her website (, so be sure to check it out! These three items she sent us are from her newest "carnival" line! We are obsessed... like for real.

featuring: black and white striped carnival drop shorts (on Kylan), poppy carnival head wrap (on Nyah), and strong man carnival tee shirt (on Ryder)

so yeah... never a dull moment with this little crew!

the carnival characters on the head wrap are so so well done and the color is amazing!!

so you can see the "drop" in the shorts :)

bc his tongue isn't sticking out here haha, but I really love that these shorts hit just below his knee. I'm not gonna lie he totally ATE it 5 minutes after I took this photo and his knees were saved! It's the little things :)

art work on a tee shirt. literally. Another reason I die over this collection!

Every item is so well made and clearly detail oriented! I love when the clothes I put on my kids are as soft as can be and make a statement! I also love that Salt City is doing collaborations to showcase the talents of artists on their clothing! What a great match!! Thank you for making kids clothes that stand out, are great quality, creative, durable, and so cozy! It's the best when my kids are in love with the items just as much as I am! Win, win is what I'm sayin'!

Now that you all have gotten a sneak peak at what Jen is capable of, lets learn more about her! I had the opportunity to interview her and liked her right away! I know you will too! She's a true gem, a dedicated woman who listens to her gut. I respect that ;)

duh she's cute as ever!

How did Salt City Emporium start?
Salt City Emporium was originally designed to be an open air market, but after traveling around the country to check-out other markets, it struck me that I no longer wanted a brick and mortar and that online sales would be the best fit for me and my family.  Voila, Salt City Emporium was born.  We had always intended to have a soft goods line, my four year is in marketing and my secondary degree is in merchandising,  which allowed for a lot of flexibility in how we started. 

Who/what has inspired you the most on this journey?   
My parents, I come from a long line of entrepreneurs. I love to work hard, and I saw both of my parents burn the midnight oil, they are equally inspiring to me in how I grow and nurture the company.   

What has been your biggest take away or lesson(s) learned from starting your own business? 
How hard it is to run your own business!  My biggest lessons are to always remain true to how I want to run Salt City.  I am constantly told that I need to be "less nice", but Salt City Emporium is based on that in regards to our customer service all the way down to our green packaging, and our outreach in the community.  I like that we stand for that, and I think it's been a good lesson for me to learn that I need to embrace it and not be ashamed of it.  :) 

What do you hope to accomplish in the near future? 
I hope to accomplish a better handle on our growth, it's nuts, and getting further out in our planning is what is on the agenda for 2014.   

What is a typical day like for you? 
I wake up early, have a cup of coffee while answering overnight emails and scour IG for all my favorite feeds.  Get the kids up, fed, dressed and out the door for school.  Head to the studio and start the day, our studio hours are from 9:00-5:30 or 6:00 PM depending on the day.  It consists of either fabric orders, fabric picking, packing orders, creative meetings with the team, paying invoices, or in my other SCE life, the day might consist of working with clients on their small businesses to create an online marketing and branding plan, the other half of what Salt City Emporium entails.  (We like to keep it interesting and overly busy.) The rest of the night is just hanging with my family and last minute work details before it's off to zzzzzzzz! 

If you could have any super power, what would it be? 
The ability to add more time to the day, or just freeze it for a while!  It would be great to sleep in, hang out with friends and family more, or even just sneak in a few more emails.   

what is something super quirky about you? 
I hate long fingernails.  Also certain velvety fabrics make me lose my voice, temporarily, something about the texture or feel takes my breath away.  My sister used to tease me and have me feel certain fabrics just to watch it happen.    (Now you know something about me only a few people in my life know, maybe I should erase that?)

haha I love your quirkiness Jen! I will tell you right now, my husband knows that's my biggest pet peev... long finger/toe nails. BLEH! totally relate on that one!!  Thanks so much for sharing with us! Oh and since Jen is so so lovely, she's sharing a discount code so you can receive 15% off your purchase!! Just use the code, "littleslife14" at check out (! The code will be good from now until 5/11/14. Be sure to follow @saltcityemporium on instagram as well for the latest sales releases and giveaways!!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Meet Sarah // Geo Fox Apparel

I don't know about you, but I'm always wishing for outfits for my kids that are trending, but also timeless. Sure trends are great, but how nice is it to find pieces that you'll ALWAYS like while also staying up to date? Simple, playful, classic, witty, something that always "goes". Sarah has truly found her niche in creating Geo Fox Apparel!! She not only has created the cutest tees/tanks, but also has shorts and pants... Oh and kimonos and dresses... impressed yet?!! That may not sound like much to you, but it's hard work to create an entire look that's in your brain and make it come to life!! Tee's may bot be the hardest ever to create, but pants can definitely be so tricky to get right. She's seriously nailed it! I would outfit my kids entirely in her designs any day! And that's saying a lot! She has a perfect variety and great items for both boys and girls! Geo Fox is fairly new, but has already BLOWN up and that's no surprise to me at all!! It's very clear why. Take a look at the tee and kimono she sent us!

Kylan wearing "have a golden state of mind" tee, and Nyah wearing the white fringe kimono! I die!

The sass is just an indication of how much she loves the kimono haha (strutting down the sidewalk).

all her tees are truly the softest ever! Aaaand I think I need this kimono for me ;)

OH! And I should probably tell you... she just recently released The "tomboy chic" tee in an adult size, so us mommies can enjoy her designs too!! Woohoo!!

I'm wearing a small, so you can see its very cozy and loose fitting... think boyfriend tee ;)

my aztec head wrap c/o Raine and Skye

I'm obsessed!

 Check out to see so much more of what Sarah has to offer! It's so good that I'm already getting really excited to see what else she comes up with... like I can hardly stand it! I'm so so excited for her and love seeing mommy's make their vision come to life. Even better when they become successful while doing what they love! Sarah is such a sweet heart, down to earth, and passionate about what she does! I'm inspired by her and love that I've gotten to know her a little better! Now you can too ;) I was fortunate enough to be able to interview her so we could all get to know the lovely lady behind the amazing Geo Fox Apparel! Take a look!

 Sarah, her husband, and two boys :) Sheesh! I don't think they could TRY to look bad ;)

gorgeous couple right there!

the lovely stunner behind the brand... Sarah

How did Geo Fox Apparel come about? 
I have always loved fashion, design, & marketing & I guess Geo Fox was born out of a desire to find fashion forward clothes for my boys while also giving me a creative outlet.  It is my design & fashion esthetic. I created Geo Fox in a sense for me. I AM my customer- when I am designing I think would I buy this? would this be something I would put on my boys or buy for a friends girl? I market to ME ( the SAHM with a love for all things cool) 

Who or what would you say has been your biggest inspiration along the way? 
hands down my husband. He is my biggest fan & such a believer in the brand I have created. . I admire him more than I can say! He was the one who helped me push through all the doubts & fears I have/still have of running a small business.

Tell us briefly what your typical day is like. 
oh boy are you ready for it? so my day starts at 6:30 when my youngest son gets up ( after usually getting up at least at 1:00 & 3:00) I feed him, change him, stumble down the stairs, inject...I mean drink as much coffee as possible, make breakfast, & then by this time my 3 year old is up & ready for the day! we either go to the gym or run or run a couple errands & then baby goes down for a nap. during nap time I will usually play a game or do a craft with my older son & then answer email, print out shipping labels, order more fabric...just get some work stuff done. & then it is on to lunch, playtime, throw in a load of laundry(this would be on like a really productive day which happens like not very often :/) , take a walk, both boys go down for a nap & then I really hustle! packaging orders, posting on social media, emails again. (okay I am tired just writing this...) at this point I am exhausted & am thinking another Starbucks run would be lovely- which we might do that or meet some friends at the park. & then it is home to throw something in for dinner, give the boys baths, read books, & off to bed they go...ahhh now I can relax- no just kidding I have more work to do shipping orders, researching, & planning for the future ( but at least I get to do all this while watching some of my favorite tv shows)
honestly, my days are so full- & sometimes I feel overwhelmed, but I LOVE what I do. I LOVE being a mom & a wife, but I also love being a business owner & designer...& loving what you do & the life you create for yourself is priceless 

What is one of your biggest goals for this year? 
to be able to create jobs for people. one of my goals in starting my business was to be able to have enough coming in so that I could help my youngest sister through college. I am working hard to make that a reality. 

If there's one thing you've learned from creating this business from the ground up that you'd want to share, what would it be? 
that every person is capable of greatness & by that I mean that we all have something in us deep down that we would love to do, but fear holds us all back from truly living the life that we want for ourselves, but if you can find that one thing that you love, that you are good at, & grab a hold of that & run...give it everything you have & it will pay off I promise. & that is why we are all capable of greatness because we all have that ability. 

Got any hidden talents? 
uhhh...not really what you see is what you get. I have told people before that I am kind of good at a lot of little things, but not really great at any one thing. 

Something that is top priority on your bucket list.
oh I have like a million things on my bucket list, but go to Europe is probably at the top! My husband & I are planning on going this summer & I can not wait!! 

I love that you're desire is to ultimately create jobs for others and to be able to help your sister with college funding! I admire that you aren't so wrapped up in your dream and visions, that there's clearly a big part of you that is others focused. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us a little about yourself! Love what you are doing/creating and wish you all the best as you move forward!! For all of you reading, go check out her website: and use the code, "littleship" for free domestic shipping!! Make sure you are also following Sarah on instagram (@geofoxapparel) for the latest arrivals and sales!! Thanks Sarah!! We are hooked on Geo Fox!! xoxo