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Meet Sarah // Wee Structed

I'm so inspired by Sarah and her "go get 'em" attitude. Also she's sweet as pie! She's been one of my biggest supporters along with a handful of others that have been super encouraging as I've started this little venture of mine! She's a gem and happens to be so very talented! She has this super rad shop called "Wee Structed" and there's a lot of great Cali inspired items and collabs on her site! She's so creative, is always coming up with new ideas, and thinks outside the box! Her tees are ridiculously soft and not something you'd see at the mall (thank goodness!). She has a great variety of kids items in her shop, which I love! She prides herself on the quality and uniqueness of the items that she produces and I for one truly truly appreciate that! Here's the cutest, softest tee she sent us so you can get an idea :)

tee: Wee Structed, leggings: Ollie Jones Clothing

he may not officially be a "cali cub", but he sure does look like one! And we will just rep for our friends that live out there :)

This tee is a collaboration with Loved By Hannah and Eli / IG @lovedbyhannahandeli :) Match made in heaven!

Now that you've seen a little tease of what she has to offer, let's go ahead and learn a little bit more about the funny, witty, beautiful Sarah :)

Sarah with her youngest

looking fab while toting the littles ;)

the guys :)

How did your business come about? 

It was always a dream of mine to be a designer ever since I was little and had that stencil plate design toy. Remember, the one that you rub the crayon over and then get to color in the clothes?  Seriously, I have loved sketching outfits and altering clothing since I was a wee one myself.  I had my own style early on and my mother will tell you, she couldn't tell me what to wear or how to wear my clothes even as a little one. I always had to put my own spin on it somehow, very punky Brewster inspired.  It wasn't till becoming a mom and exploring my love for little fashion did I fully get into it. I just couldn't find clothes in the colors and styles that I wanted for my babes. I mean, where can you find a pair of Aqua blue linen pants for a baby boy??  Nowhere, so I made them and skirts for Lily and then when Fletcher came along I wanted cool bibs in Organic prints, so I made them and BAM!!! Weestructed was born with the encouragement of my supportive husband and a few awesome local moms that asked to purchase things they had seen on my babes...paying customers...what wait?? I can do something I love and make some mommy mad money while doing it.   Little did I realize that my childhood dream was slowly turning into a reality its surreal I still can't believe it.

Who or what would you say has been your biggest inspiration along the way?  

My wee ones, they inspire me daily, especially my daughter Lily. She is a true fashionista! She marches to the beat of her own drum, which isn't always the most popular, but nobody is gonna put that baby in the corner.  I truly pull a lot of my inspiration from them and their stories and daily activities, especially sports. My two oldest play soccer so doing our World Cup collection was completely inspired by them and their love of the game.

Tell us briefly what your typical day is like.  

Well first off, brief and a moms day don't really belong in the same sentence right? Nothing brief about our mom life days at all.  I start my day off after about two night wakings from Fletcher who still hasn't gotten the memo that he's supposed to sleep. We wake up at 5:30-6 with a quick nursing session with him followed by my first cup of coffee that I attempt to drink HOT but it never happens.  The big kids wake up EARLY they also never really got the whole sleep is a good thing memo or my husband and I must just breed NON sleepers.  I get them ready for school then out the door by 8 am, two different schools means two different drop offs so I don't make it home till about 9-9:30, then it's nursing session again, play time, followed by fingers crossed nap time at 10:30 for Fletchy.  Then its up and back out to get my preschooler, back home lunch and noonish followed by more nursing then back out to get my first grader followed by snack, playtime dinner prep, more nursing, and some homework.  Dinner is at 5:45 SHARP we are big on sitting down and doing the high lows of the day each person gets the floor and we go around asking each other how our day were followed by clean up, dishes, baths, and night rituals.  Lights out for the big kids by 7:30 followed by lights out for Fletchy around 8:30 then its off to order packing with my hubby. He does all the shipping which is a HUGE help and if I have any energy I head down to my sewing room till about 10:30.  Then off to bed fingers crossed that tonight's the night Fletchy sleeps.  You can add Soccer and girl scouts into this rotation too every tues, wed and thursday now. Phew, I'm tired already thinking about my week.

What is one of your biggest goals for this year?   

To get some sleep!!!! No really, I want to expand the brand and learn more about running this rodeo. There is so much information coming at me right now so I'm trying to take it all in and process it.  I really am hoping to work more with Pacer to raise awareness for their anti bullying charity with our "bullying is junk" shirt inspired by our son Remington.  I'm very passionate about this cause and educating others about the affects words and actions have on these little souls. A big goal is to host a run/walk in our community or at one of my children's schools this year fingers crossed I can make it happen. 

If there's one thing you've learned from creating this business from the ground up that you'd want to share, what would it be?  

Take RISK!!!  Ask Ask Ask all anybody can say is NO, but most likely they will say yes just put yourself out there, be real, be you don't try to be anybody else.  In the words of my son "I'm TRUE" I love when he says that.  Seriously just be TRUE to you.  Our collaboration Cali Cub shirt never could have become reality if I hadn't put myself out there. I emailed Sarah from Loved by Hannah and Eli and said " hey I'm not crazy I swear but I had this dream about your man cub shirt (at this point she prob thought I was crazy) and I'd love to work with you".  Two weeks later I was texting with her! I mean hello one of my IG idiols and we were working together, AMAZING!!!!

Got any hidden talents?

Not that I can share LOL 

Something that is top priority on your bucket list.  

I gotta go with my gal Rosemary from Raine and Skye on this one: just to live to raise my babies.  Simple and True I've had a few health hiccups and a big scare after Fletcher was born. It put life into perspective for me. I want to be here for them as long as possible.

Now do you see why I like her so much :) She's so genuine and fun to talk to! I kinda wanted to ask her more questions just to see what she'd say :) And boy does your "typical day" sound sooo familiar, Sarah haha. Well minus the breastfeeding as I've been done with that a couple years now ;). I love your advice on taking risk as well! Thanks for sharing Sarah! When you purchase on her website,, you only pay $1 domestic shipping! No code needed! She has limited quantities stocked right now so if you want something act fast! She has some new stuff coming to her shop soon and when that happens we'll throw a discount code your way, so make sure you are following us both on instagram (@weestructed @thelittleslife) so you don't miss out on that announcement!

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