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Meet Lena // Mosie's Cozies

I'm excited to introduce you to a super cute family and super cute shop today!!! I've been following Lena and her shop for a WHILE now! I was impressed right away with her branding and then the quality and creativeness that oozed from her adorable headbands and infinity scarves for kids!! I just LOVE every print that she uses (all organic by the way!) and the fact that the scarves are "break away" style! So practical! The snaps are just the perfect idea to get those beauties off without messing up your little's cute hair do or just to be quick and easy instead of untwisting the thing off. It's simple, yet makes a world of a difference! We have two of her infinity scarves and my kids wear them ALL the time! I was worried the little guy wouldn't want much to do with it,  but after seeing how much he loved his, I needed one for my daughter too!! The boys share theirs, but she needed her own ;) They are so soft and practical and make a great gift! Check out the ones we have!

love the herringbone print. So perfect!

Here Ryder is wearing it. I love that even though its technically a size 1-3, both my 5 and my 8 year old can wear it just the same!

Nyah wearing the "Finn" scarf. It's so her and she's very proud of it :)

a close up so you can see the snaps

and check out her SERIOUSLY adorable headbands!!! SO good!

Lena not only has a lot of creative juices in her bones, but she's also super crafty! Her items are of the best quality and even better that she cares enough about our environment and your little ones to use 100% organic cotton! Its all in the details right? What could be better than all this? She's just a great gal! She's worked so hard to get her business where it is today but doesn't cut any corners! That includes the quality of her items and her customer service! I'm telling you she's one of those that you feel like you are buying from a friend! Ask her all the questions you want, give her suggestions, she's fabulous through and through and a joy to work with! I had the privilege to do a little Q&A sesh with her, so here's a little peak into who this lovely lady is and what she's all about :)


Lena and her sweet little, Monroe <3

hashtag ridiculously good looking family :D

Where did the name Mosie's Cozies come from?
Well…let me tell you.  When Monroe was born, she was instantly called Mini because she was so teeny tiny those first few months.  As she got a little older (and chubbier), we found ourselves calling her Mo a bit more around the house which eventually transformed into Mosie!!!  This was around the same time I started creating baby accessories so it seemed perfectly fitting!  We actually joke all the time about how crazy it is that a baby’s name can evolve so much so quick!!!  She is now mostly known as Mo Mo because that is what she calls herself! For the latter part of the name (Cozies), I thought it was an inviting addition to the title of our line.

Who/what has been your biggest inpiration?
My daughter Monroe has been my inspiration for the line from the very beginning.  She was completely bald when she was born and getting girlie accessories on her was very necessary while gallivanting around the city of Vancouver each day together!!!  There were NO mistakes of her being a boy while wearing her bow headbands.  

Describe a typical day in the life of Lena...
I work part-time as an Elementary school teacher so on those days, we are pretty busy around here.  Monroe, my husband (Ryan), and I wake up around 5:45am to get our day going.  Monroe likes to blow dry her hair with me and is basically on top of me while I try desperately to put any type of make-up on.  We scarf down breakfast, make and pack our lunches and coffee and race out the door to drop Monroe off at her Grandparents who look after her while I teach.  After school, I try to head out for a run and then race to pick Monroe up!  With the nice weather FINALLY here, we love to be outside either gardening or down the street at the park.  I get Monroe down around 7pm, then have dinner with Ryan after he gets home from downtown where he works.  This is a typical work day.  A weekend day involves a lot more wine lol!!!

What would be your biggest goal for this year?
My biggest goal for Mosie’s Cozies this year is to get our brand out there and products in people’s hands.  We’re going to do a lot of markets this summer and I’m excited for people to really get a feel for what we’re all about.  I have so many ideas but am trying to take my time to do it all right over these next few years.  This is a brand that I want to grow and see on baby’s and kids around the world.  

What's something you've learned from starting your own business?
There are so many other small business owners who I have met who have been amazingly supportive.  We email each other all the time and help each other out with all kinds of business-related shenanigans!  Even if you don’t know business, you can totally learn as you go and ask for help along the way.  

If you could have any super power, what would it be?
If I could have a super power it would definitely be to slow time down.  As the years go by, it seems as though the quicker they pass.  I feel like we JUST had Monroe and she will already be two next month!  Craziness.  

What something on your bucket list?
Down the road, we really want to show our kids some of the countries we have traveled to.  Bolivia was one place that really stood out to us and I’d love to experience the culture with the rest of our kiddies in the future.  I think it’s so important to have an awareness of other ways of living from country to country. 

I love how the name was born and love that you want to see Mosie's Cozies worldwide! I can totally see it happening! Thanks for sharing with us!! You guys MUST go check out her website to see more cuteness:!! And if you're a fan of discounts (let's be real who isn't?) then use the code, "THELITTLECOZIES" to recieve 15% off your purchase now through next Wednesday! Be sure to follow her shop on Instagram (@mosiescozies) as well for the latest sales and releases! Thanks again Lena!!

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