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Meet Kim & Lisa // The Sprouted Arrow

I came across Kim and Lisa's shop a few months ago, and I'm so so honored to be featuring the two of them and their cute as ever clothes on my blog! They seriously have the best prints for little ones and it just tops the cake that almost all of it is organic! (only thing not, is infinity scarves). But seriously they have everything... leggings, shorts, tanks, dresses, hair accessories, even tee pees!! Also there are great prints for boys and girls alike, which just makes it all the more fun and easy to shop! They sent us these ridiculously cute wave cuffed shorts and Kylan and I are OBSESSED! But you reeeaaally have to check out their shop to get a better picture of all that these lovely mamas have to offer! These shorts are basically everything!

what usually happens when I go to take a picture of this little ball of energy haha

I mean... seriously how cute are these shorts!?

not only is the b/w print to DIE for, but the fit is SO great! Not too tight, not too loose... just right!

he wouldn't take them off... he approves ;)

perfect for lounging or playing... yup we love them.

And now that you've seen the goods ;) Lets take a peak behind the scenes at the classy ladies that started this company and keep it growing! They're sisters, they're busy mommies of two, working jobs, and somewhere in there, squeezing out creative juices to share with the world...BOOM! I just love and admire all these mommies that are using their gifts and taking a leap of faith to jump into the entrepreneurial world and these two are such a great example! So much dedication, sleepless nights, blood, sweat, and tears goes into starting up a business and keeping it running smoothly! They are only getting started and I'm sure have any great ideas a brewing! Lets just go ahead and meet Kim and Lisa!!

the beautiful mamas, Kim and Lisa!

Kim's gorgeous girlies

Lisa's cutie pie boys

How did The Sprouted Arrow come to be?
The Sprouted Arrow was started by my older sis Lisa and me. Between the two of us, we have 4 kiddos under the age of 3 (2 boys and 2 girls). To say we are busy is in understatement.  
It all began, two months after having my second little girl, Presley. It was Lisa’s idea. She asked if I wanted to start a littles clothing line with modern made styles that couldn’t be found just anywhere. I of course, loved the idea of creating our own fashion line, but had some reservation of having enough time to run another full time business. I won’t lie, there was much reservation! Due to the obvious of course, a 2 month old, 2 year old8-5 job, and household to run, the idea of adding another task to the day sounded a bit overwhelming. And with Lisa’s two boys full of energy and always on the go, she had herplate full as well. Not to mention, she has her own successful Etsy shop, Little Foot Boutique to manage and her own household to care forBut nevertheless, our driven personalities have always pushed us to our limits and this was no exception. The thrill of the challenge was something we couldn’t pass up. So in December of 2013, we opened The Sprouted Arrow and haven’t looked back.  

What are some crucial things you've learned from starting your own business?
That this is a full time job! We are still learning every day. There is always something to do or make better. Our designs are still being revamped; we’re almost there, just a few more tweaks needed. The little things, like figuring out the best supplies to use and how to save money on shipping (this was a big one!). We have also learned how important customer service is. We really appreciate and adore all of our loyal customers and followers and love hearing what they have to say. Their feedback is super important to us. Without them, this little dream of ours would not be possible. Our business has truly blossomed because of them and we could not be more grateful for the love and support our friends have shown us thus far.
We have also been fortunate enough to collaborate and team up with some other amazing shops via giveaways, features, and reviews. Through this, we’ve met some incredible people who have become great friends. In short, we’ve learned that it’s not a competition and to just be happy for others. We are truly giddy to hear when our friends and fellow shop owners are doing well.  We know how hard it is to succeed and are inspired when we see other shops blowing up! We are so happy for not only our success but the success of our amazing fellow shop owners as well.

Who or what inspired you to start?
Our kiddos are really what inspired us to open The Sprouted Arrow. Finding our style clothing in retail stores has always been tough. We’re not really into the traditional pink and blue colors that you always see in retail stores. Grays, blacks, and whites are really what catch our eye. Therefore, having the opportunity to create modern made looks with a touch of style has been an amazing experience thus far.

What would you say is a big goal you have for the near future for your shop?
This year we really hope to get our name out there. We want to expand our brand and for people to know us by name. Our goal is to continue to bring our customers fresh new styles and gain a loyal following. We know there are so many other amazing mamas out there doing what we are doing; we just hope to shine as much as they are this year!

What's something really quirky about you?
Kim: I am OCD. I love things to be in its proper place and clean. I even have a leaf blower that I use regularly to clean my garage floor. I know, I know…I’m crazy my husband laughs at me all the time!!! But at least I know it, right??!
Lisa: A quirky thing about me...well...I have saved (still do) every holiday card my husband has ever given me. I have a little box in my closet with every love letter, love note, and card he has written me over the last ten years. I want to share these memories with my boys when they are older. I hope it helps them to never be afraid to love! And to teach them how important love is to a family. We are trying to lead by example to teach these boys how to become the most amazing men.
Describe the typical day in the life of Kim and Lisa.
Kim: The typical day begins at 6:15am for me. I wake up, get ready for my 8-5 job, have breakfast with the kiddos (Emerson 2 ½ yrs & Presley 8 months) and leave for work. My hubby gets an extra hour with the girls after I leave…lucky him! But do come home for lunch every day to eat with my girls and then head back to work to finish my day. I talk to Lisa a million times a day and answer as many emails as I can during my breaks at work. When I get home, we have family time with my two girls and hubby. We are currently in the process of potty training, so this is now part of our family time routine.  We usually play hide-in-seek or have an outside activity until dinner. We always eat dinner as a family and now that Presley is 8 months she gets to take a bath with 2 yr old Emerson (Presley’s favorite part of the night). After bath time around 7pm, Presley is ready for bed.She’s barely hanging on at this point, so she luckily goes down no problem. Emerson gets 20 minutes of TV which these days,has been Frozen. Emerson too, usually goes down no problem. I say usually, as lately she’s been making excuses and asking for bedtime water. Hope this isn’t a new bedtime routine to come. After a quick cleanup of the house and prepping the girls’ things for the next day, I start the night shift. I process shipments and answer emails! Once my eyes start getting blurry and I feel a headache coming on from the computer monitor, I usually call it a night!
Lisa: I'm a stay at home mom. I'm very happy to be home. I used to have a career in Architecture but was laid off in 2009 due to the economy. I didn't realize it at the time but it was the best thing that happened to me because I became a mom. A typical day starts around 6am. My boys are Wyatt 2 yrs & Evan 3 yrs and they are early risers. By 7:30 we have eaten, gotten dressed, started a load of laundry, washed the dishes and probably talked to Kim at least once about the shop. Kim and I usually meet in the evenings after the kids go to bed and I meet with our seamstress' almost daily with all the kids in toe. They go everywhere with me. Three days a week I watch Kim's girls too,so it’s a full house. I take all of them to meetings sometimes. Fun! Kim and I often chat about the business while the kiddos are playing, crying, and/or fighting in the background of our conversation. Just a typical day for these two Mamas. Nap times are one of my favorite times of the day. I can answer emails during this time. My family has adopted the evenings as family time from 5-7:30pm. This helps me take a break and enjoy our time together without my computer or phone interfering. At night after my kids go to bed around 7:30, I usually sew, order fabric or ship out more orders until my eyes can't stay open for another minute, which is usually around midnight. During all this excitement throughout the day, I also run my own shop called Little Foot Boutique. No rest for the weary! I wish there was more time in the day to get things done. Right!  But nonetheless, the shop has become another baby for us that we look forward to watching grow and blossom into something wonderful!  
If you could be BFFs with any celebrity who would it be?
As of today, we would love to be BFFs with Susan Petersen, from Freshly Picked. She is such an inspiration to the two of us! After being a long time Freshly Picked fan and hearing her inspirational story on Shark Tank, we couldn’t be more of a fan. As far as business goes, she’s got it! She did it and continues to do it! Susan has made a name for herself and her familyHaving inspirational women like her to look up to only drives us to do better!

Thanks so much for sharing ladies! So fun getting to know more about you both! I admire you even more and loved reading your answers! Seems like you both have learned a lot from this experience and have a great support system!These ladies are true gems and are kind enough to offer all my readers 15% off using the code, "LITTLESLIFE" (good till May 31st)! Just jump over to and shop away!! Make sure you are following them on instagram as well (@thespoutedarrow) to be the first to see their giveaways and sales!

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