Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Meet Courtney // Dear Cub

 I'm so glad Courtney decided to take the plunge and create some seriously adorable kids clothes! I'm sure we can all relate to being tired of the same old, same old wherever we go to shop for our kids. Courtney was motivated by the usual humdrum of options to create some herself for her son! And lets be real, boys clothes can be so limited at the big name stores. Courtney took it upon herself to create something that wasn't already out there and available. Something she'd love to buy herself. I love that she took initiative so now all of us can buy the cuteness she has created! She's a stay at home mommy with a great vision and the determination and work ethic to put it into place with her clothing company, Dear Cub! All while balancing her life, which we know can be so tricky! You have to check out her shop when you are done reading this because she has some reeealllyyy great items! All the tees are hand printed with love and great for either a girl or boy! Here's Ryder's super rad tee adorable tote that she sent to us! I think he feels pretty cool in it :)

making sure his dog "Bones" is safe in there

Mom! I think I see an eagle like on my shirt!

I think I was embarrassing him with my antics haha

There's more than what you see here on her website: www.dearcub.com! Be sure to check out her shop and if you want to make a purchase, be sure to use the code, "cublife" for FREE shipping (US only)! The code is good until Saturday (April 5th). Now that you see how cute her stuff is, let's go ahead and meet the lovely Courtney and her cute crew!

the special men in Courtney's life :)

How did Dear Cub come about?
Honestly, Dear Cub came from me looking for shirts for my son and coming up empty handed. I looked around everywhere and all I ever found were sports themed tops, baby blue, and shirts that were more expensive than anything I've even bought for myself. Not kidding. I was able to find things from time-to-time at my then employer - a company called H&M where I did merchandising and window installation (eg. making the windows and mannequins look super cool) - but even then, I didn't want my son to dressed like every other kid. I started to create designs I wanted to see him in and thought to myself... "I wonder if anyone else would want these?" Turns out, they did!

Is there meaning behind the name? If so do share :)
The meaning behind the name is simple - as a Mama Bear, my son is my Cub. My Dear Cub. 

What are some things that you've learned from growing your own business?
Some things I've learned are that you really do have to put yourself out there if you want to be noticed... sometimes way more than you're even used to, or even comfortable with. I say that because I'm a very reserved and shy person usually and starting my own shop/business has really made me have to come out of my shell and reach out for help when needed. At first, you have a TON of questions, but I have been fortunate enough to befriend some fellow shops along the way who have been more than helpful and willing to lend a hand, or thought. 
I've also learned that trying to keep your business 100% American made is more difficult than you'd think. I work with a print shop here in Sacramento that prints by hand - no digital printing here! - and even take it as far as to where I get my tags from, and where I order my mailers from. I completely believe in keeping your business as local as you can, even if it means more work for me. I know customers appreciate it because they know they're getting a truly unique item. 

Whats a typical day in the life of Courtney?
A typical day is me is just that, "typical" - meals, play time with my son, walks to the park, reading, bath time, all that fun stuff. However, I try to do whatever Dear Cub business I can while my son naps and after he goes to bed - whether it be packaging orders, posting to social media, creating new designs, or running to the post office (if my husband's home). Dear Cub has been pretty consuming, as I figured it would be in the early stages, but now that I'm at a semi-steady place (ugh, I say that, but wait until summer..) I'm trying to take time for JUST my family - no laptop, no tablet, no phone. Play dates and family outings with all that left at home. It's still a work in progress :)

What is something super quirky about you?
Hmmm... Oh, I don't know haha
I guess it's quirky that I own a black-ONLY wardrobe. My husband makes fun of me for it. A lot. Especially during summer when it's 105 degrees here.
Also, that I'm painfully sappy and sentimental. Don't let the tattoos and black clothes fool you. One sad animal or baby commercial and I'm in tears.. Don't even get me started on Sarah Mclachlan!

Who/what has inspired you the most along your journey?
My son, Charlie Ranger, and my husband. Charlie, for obvious reasons, and my husband because he's the one who convinced me to do this whole thing and he's also my biggest supporter.

If you could have any super power what would it be?
I want to be able to go with my family to the hillsides in New Zealand, the beaches of the Mediterranean, back home to Portland to see friends, and be back in time for bedtime cuddles with my little dude.. and then do it all again the next day!

Oh man, New Zealand and the Mediterranean are most DEF on my bucket list! If only it was that easy to get there and back!! Thanks for sharing with us Courtney! It was gun getting to know you and I so look forward to all the creativity you have in store!! Now go snag up some good people!

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