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Meet Annie // Mischief Makers Apparel

A few months ago I stumbled upon a little shop that hadn't even opened yet. But I liked their name and logo so I followed :) What I didn't know at the time, was how completely rad this kids clothing line was really going to be! Annie gets it!! There just isn't a better way to put it! It's like she understands the mind of a child and the wants of a parent. The sayings on the shirts are so playful and the pants are not only the cutest, but the softest things ever! These kids' clothes are made for comfort and style alike which is so so hard to find! She's also been so sweet and so so supportive in what I'm trying to do here on The Littles Life Blog. I'm so blessed to be able to introduce lovely people and shops like this to you! It really makes the world feel smaller and makes me happy to share the people that are working so hard to bring quality, affordable, stylish items to you and your fam! Sometimes its just a matter of knowing that its there!! Here's a few pics to show you the goodness Annie sent my littles!

"straight up aweseome" & "mischief monster" oh how appropriate haha

sometimes they get mushy and it KILLS me!

the buttons, the knee patches, the geo print...oh my! oh and those cute bellies!

"whooo it says I'm awesome!!"

"look Mom, this is how you be awesome..."

Now you believe me right? So good! She even has mini cruisers, sunglasses, and hats on her website ( in addition to clothes! I did a little interview with her and  I loved reading her answers! Meet Annie guys!!

Annie and her little beauty

Where did the name Mischief Makers Apparel come from?

The idea for the store's name was inspired by my daughter, Avairy. She has always been super curious and once she was able to crawl, it was game over! Cords were being pulled left and right and drawers being climbed. Me and Jordan, would always call her 'Kee Duh', which means trouble maker in my language. 

I brainstormed a million and one different store names, but none of them really meshed well with that trouble maker image I wanted for the brand. 

Then out of left field, Jordan suggested the name Mischief Makers. It was actually a funny moment cause he was helping me with names for awhile and every idea he had was, well pretty bad haha. 
And from there the rest is history!

What big goals/dreams do you have for your business?

I hope to one day turn the shop into an actual brick and mortar business. That has always been one of my biggest dreams for as long as I can remember. I use to go to bed every night and literally fall asleep envisioning what kind of floors or light fixtures or shelves the store would have haha.

Who or what has inspired you the most?

Hands down, my family. I've had the entrepreneurial heart even as a child, but throughout my life I couldn't pin point what exactly would fill that dream store I always wanted to own. It wasn't until I had my first child that I realized what the missing link was. Her spirit, curiosity and amazement inspires me and the business everyday. And it was Jordan's encouragement and enthusiasm for a dream that isn't even his own, that has pushed me this far. 

Susan from Freshly Picked is definitely a huge inspiration for so many momprenuers like myself. She has done things that seemed so unattainable for the stay at home mom. She's amazing!

And of course all the shops I've come across and gotten to know on Instagram. Each one of them have done different and inspiring things. I look up to so many of them.

What have you learned, or whats been some of your biggest take aways, from starting this business?

I still have plenty of mistakes and learning to do, but so far my biggest take away and best advice I would tell someone is 'You get what you pay for'. 

When you're first starting a business you have your money spread out pretty thin and so finding the cheapest alternative to something can be so appealing. But honestly it's experience and professionalism that half your money is paying for and it is worth it in the end. I had to go through this mistake a handful of times for me to actually believe that this is true.

If you could have a super power what would it be?

TO NEVER BE TIRED! haha Seriously, could you imagine all the things that you could do if you never got tired?? Taking care of kids would be a breeze and working out probably wouldn't suck as much lol

quirkiest fact about you...

I truly believe that pregnancy cleared my blindness lol I use to have to wear glasses 24/7 since high school, but once I got pregnant I couldn't stand to wear them anymore! And ever since then I haven't needed to. I mean I'm still blind a little, but for some reason I can actually function without them now lol I don't know, maybe it's not a new thing that's happened with pregnant women, but it still amazes me! lol

whats a top priority on your bucket list?

Traveling for sure! I would have to thank Instagram for this one. I follow a lot of people from all over the world and the people that happen to be from Australia I tend to creep the most lol
It just looks so beautiful there and I would love to see it all for myself one day! Then next on my list would be Africa. And of course you gotta see Italy, Paris, New Zealand, Ireland…the list goes on!

OH I like the "never be tired" super power idea! How many times have I thought the exact same thing haha. Thanks for sharing Annie and of course I wish you all the best as you move forward with your brand!! We are big fans over here! Annie has been kind enough to offer all of you readers out there a discount code to use when purchasing! Just use the code LITTLEMISCHIEF for 25% off all orders over $25. The link is and be sure to follow them on instagram (@mischiefmakersapparel) so you get notified on sales and new releases!

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