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Meet Lena // Mosie's Cozies

I'm excited to introduce you to a super cute family and super cute shop today!!! I've been following Lena and her shop for a WHILE now! I was impressed right away with her branding and then the quality and creativeness that oozed from her adorable headbands and infinity scarves for kids!! I just LOVE every print that she uses (all organic by the way!) and the fact that the scarves are "break away" style! So practical! The snaps are just the perfect idea to get those beauties off without messing up your little's cute hair do or just to be quick and easy instead of untwisting the thing off. It's simple, yet makes a world of a difference! We have two of her infinity scarves and my kids wear them ALL the time! I was worried the little guy wouldn't want much to do with it,  but after seeing how much he loved his, I needed one for my daughter too!! The boys share theirs, but she needed her own ;) They are so soft and practical and make a great gift! Check out the ones we have!

love the herringbone print. So perfect!

Here Ryder is wearing it. I love that even though its technically a size 1-3, both my 5 and my 8 year old can wear it just the same!

Nyah wearing the "Finn" scarf. It's so her and she's very proud of it :)

a close up so you can see the snaps

and check out her SERIOUSLY adorable headbands!!! SO good!

Lena not only has a lot of creative juices in her bones, but she's also super crafty! Her items are of the best quality and even better that she cares enough about our environment and your little ones to use 100% organic cotton! Its all in the details right? What could be better than all this? She's just a great gal! She's worked so hard to get her business where it is today but doesn't cut any corners! That includes the quality of her items and her customer service! I'm telling you she's one of those that you feel like you are buying from a friend! Ask her all the questions you want, give her suggestions, she's fabulous through and through and a joy to work with! I had the privilege to do a little Q&A sesh with her, so here's a little peak into who this lovely lady is and what she's all about :)


Lena and her sweet little, Monroe <3

hashtag ridiculously good looking family :D

Where did the name Mosie's Cozies come from?
Well…let me tell you.  When Monroe was born, she was instantly called Mini because she was so teeny tiny those first few months.  As she got a little older (and chubbier), we found ourselves calling her Mo a bit more around the house which eventually transformed into Mosie!!!  This was around the same time I started creating baby accessories so it seemed perfectly fitting!  We actually joke all the time about how crazy it is that a baby’s name can evolve so much so quick!!!  She is now mostly known as Mo Mo because that is what she calls herself! For the latter part of the name (Cozies), I thought it was an inviting addition to the title of our line.

Who/what has been your biggest inpiration?
My daughter Monroe has been my inspiration for the line from the very beginning.  She was completely bald when she was born and getting girlie accessories on her was very necessary while gallivanting around the city of Vancouver each day together!!!  There were NO mistakes of her being a boy while wearing her bow headbands.  

Describe a typical day in the life of Lena...
I work part-time as an Elementary school teacher so on those days, we are pretty busy around here.  Monroe, my husband (Ryan), and I wake up around 5:45am to get our day going.  Monroe likes to blow dry her hair with me and is basically on top of me while I try desperately to put any type of make-up on.  We scarf down breakfast, make and pack our lunches and coffee and race out the door to drop Monroe off at her Grandparents who look after her while I teach.  After school, I try to head out for a run and then race to pick Monroe up!  With the nice weather FINALLY here, we love to be outside either gardening or down the street at the park.  I get Monroe down around 7pm, then have dinner with Ryan after he gets home from downtown where he works.  This is a typical work day.  A weekend day involves a lot more wine lol!!!

What would be your biggest goal for this year?
My biggest goal for Mosie’s Cozies this year is to get our brand out there and products in people’s hands.  We’re going to do a lot of markets this summer and I’m excited for people to really get a feel for what we’re all about.  I have so many ideas but am trying to take my time to do it all right over these next few years.  This is a brand that I want to grow and see on baby’s and kids around the world.  

What's something you've learned from starting your own business?
There are so many other small business owners who I have met who have been amazingly supportive.  We email each other all the time and help each other out with all kinds of business-related shenanigans!  Even if you don’t know business, you can totally learn as you go and ask for help along the way.  

If you could have any super power, what would it be?
If I could have a super power it would definitely be to slow time down.  As the years go by, it seems as though the quicker they pass.  I feel like we JUST had Monroe and she will already be two next month!  Craziness.  

What something on your bucket list?
Down the road, we really want to show our kids some of the countries we have traveled to.  Bolivia was one place that really stood out to us and I’d love to experience the culture with the rest of our kiddies in the future.  I think it’s so important to have an awareness of other ways of living from country to country. 

I love how the name was born and love that you want to see Mosie's Cozies worldwide! I can totally see it happening! Thanks for sharing with us!! You guys MUST go check out her website to see more cuteness:!! And if you're a fan of discounts (let's be real who isn't?) then use the code, "THELITTLECOZIES" to recieve 15% off your purchase now through next Wednesday! Be sure to follow her shop on Instagram (@mosiescozies) as well for the latest sales and releases! Thanks again Lena!!

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Meet Kim & Lisa // The Sprouted Arrow

I came across Kim and Lisa's shop a few months ago, and I'm so so honored to be featuring the two of them and their cute as ever clothes on my blog! They seriously have the best prints for little ones and it just tops the cake that almost all of it is organic! (only thing not, is infinity scarves). But seriously they have everything... leggings, shorts, tanks, dresses, hair accessories, even tee pees!! Also there are great prints for boys and girls alike, which just makes it all the more fun and easy to shop! They sent us these ridiculously cute wave cuffed shorts and Kylan and I are OBSESSED! But you reeeaaally have to check out their shop to get a better picture of all that these lovely mamas have to offer! These shorts are basically everything!

what usually happens when I go to take a picture of this little ball of energy haha

I mean... seriously how cute are these shorts!?

not only is the b/w print to DIE for, but the fit is SO great! Not too tight, not too loose... just right!

he wouldn't take them off... he approves ;)

perfect for lounging or playing... yup we love them.

And now that you've seen the goods ;) Lets take a peak behind the scenes at the classy ladies that started this company and keep it growing! They're sisters, they're busy mommies of two, working jobs, and somewhere in there, squeezing out creative juices to share with the world...BOOM! I just love and admire all these mommies that are using their gifts and taking a leap of faith to jump into the entrepreneurial world and these two are such a great example! So much dedication, sleepless nights, blood, sweat, and tears goes into starting up a business and keeping it running smoothly! They are only getting started and I'm sure have any great ideas a brewing! Lets just go ahead and meet Kim and Lisa!!

the beautiful mamas, Kim and Lisa!

Kim's gorgeous girlies

Lisa's cutie pie boys

How did The Sprouted Arrow come to be?
The Sprouted Arrow was started by my older sis Lisa and me. Between the two of us, we have 4 kiddos under the age of 3 (2 boys and 2 girls). To say we are busy is in understatement.  
It all began, two months after having my second little girl, Presley. It was Lisa’s idea. She asked if I wanted to start a littles clothing line with modern made styles that couldn’t be found just anywhere. I of course, loved the idea of creating our own fashion line, but had some reservation of having enough time to run another full time business. I won’t lie, there was much reservation! Due to the obvious of course, a 2 month old, 2 year old8-5 job, and household to run, the idea of adding another task to the day sounded a bit overwhelming. And with Lisa’s two boys full of energy and always on the go, she had herplate full as well. Not to mention, she has her own successful Etsy shop, Little Foot Boutique to manage and her own household to care forBut nevertheless, our driven personalities have always pushed us to our limits and this was no exception. The thrill of the challenge was something we couldn’t pass up. So in December of 2013, we opened The Sprouted Arrow and haven’t looked back.  

What are some crucial things you've learned from starting your own business?
That this is a full time job! We are still learning every day. There is always something to do or make better. Our designs are still being revamped; we’re almost there, just a few more tweaks needed. The little things, like figuring out the best supplies to use and how to save money on shipping (this was a big one!). We have also learned how important customer service is. We really appreciate and adore all of our loyal customers and followers and love hearing what they have to say. Their feedback is super important to us. Without them, this little dream of ours would not be possible. Our business has truly blossomed because of them and we could not be more grateful for the love and support our friends have shown us thus far.
We have also been fortunate enough to collaborate and team up with some other amazing shops via giveaways, features, and reviews. Through this, we’ve met some incredible people who have become great friends. In short, we’ve learned that it’s not a competition and to just be happy for others. We are truly giddy to hear when our friends and fellow shop owners are doing well.  We know how hard it is to succeed and are inspired when we see other shops blowing up! We are so happy for not only our success but the success of our amazing fellow shop owners as well.

Who or what inspired you to start?
Our kiddos are really what inspired us to open The Sprouted Arrow. Finding our style clothing in retail stores has always been tough. We’re not really into the traditional pink and blue colors that you always see in retail stores. Grays, blacks, and whites are really what catch our eye. Therefore, having the opportunity to create modern made looks with a touch of style has been an amazing experience thus far.

What would you say is a big goal you have for the near future for your shop?
This year we really hope to get our name out there. We want to expand our brand and for people to know us by name. Our goal is to continue to bring our customers fresh new styles and gain a loyal following. We know there are so many other amazing mamas out there doing what we are doing; we just hope to shine as much as they are this year!

What's something really quirky about you?
Kim: I am OCD. I love things to be in its proper place and clean. I even have a leaf blower that I use regularly to clean my garage floor. I know, I know…I’m crazy my husband laughs at me all the time!!! But at least I know it, right??!
Lisa: A quirky thing about me...well...I have saved (still do) every holiday card my husband has ever given me. I have a little box in my closet with every love letter, love note, and card he has written me over the last ten years. I want to share these memories with my boys when they are older. I hope it helps them to never be afraid to love! And to teach them how important love is to a family. We are trying to lead by example to teach these boys how to become the most amazing men.
Describe the typical day in the life of Kim and Lisa.
Kim: The typical day begins at 6:15am for me. I wake up, get ready for my 8-5 job, have breakfast with the kiddos (Emerson 2 ½ yrs & Presley 8 months) and leave for work. My hubby gets an extra hour with the girls after I leave…lucky him! But do come home for lunch every day to eat with my girls and then head back to work to finish my day. I talk to Lisa a million times a day and answer as many emails as I can during my breaks at work. When I get home, we have family time with my two girls and hubby. We are currently in the process of potty training, so this is now part of our family time routine.  We usually play hide-in-seek or have an outside activity until dinner. We always eat dinner as a family and now that Presley is 8 months she gets to take a bath with 2 yr old Emerson (Presley’s favorite part of the night). After bath time around 7pm, Presley is ready for bed.She’s barely hanging on at this point, so she luckily goes down no problem. Emerson gets 20 minutes of TV which these days,has been Frozen. Emerson too, usually goes down no problem. I say usually, as lately she’s been making excuses and asking for bedtime water. Hope this isn’t a new bedtime routine to come. After a quick cleanup of the house and prepping the girls’ things for the next day, I start the night shift. I process shipments and answer emails! Once my eyes start getting blurry and I feel a headache coming on from the computer monitor, I usually call it a night!
Lisa: I'm a stay at home mom. I'm very happy to be home. I used to have a career in Architecture but was laid off in 2009 due to the economy. I didn't realize it at the time but it was the best thing that happened to me because I became a mom. A typical day starts around 6am. My boys are Wyatt 2 yrs & Evan 3 yrs and they are early risers. By 7:30 we have eaten, gotten dressed, started a load of laundry, washed the dishes and probably talked to Kim at least once about the shop. Kim and I usually meet in the evenings after the kids go to bed and I meet with our seamstress' almost daily with all the kids in toe. They go everywhere with me. Three days a week I watch Kim's girls too,so it’s a full house. I take all of them to meetings sometimes. Fun! Kim and I often chat about the business while the kiddos are playing, crying, and/or fighting in the background of our conversation. Just a typical day for these two Mamas. Nap times are one of my favorite times of the day. I can answer emails during this time. My family has adopted the evenings as family time from 5-7:30pm. This helps me take a break and enjoy our time together without my computer or phone interfering. At night after my kids go to bed around 7:30, I usually sew, order fabric or ship out more orders until my eyes can't stay open for another minute, which is usually around midnight. During all this excitement throughout the day, I also run my own shop called Little Foot Boutique. No rest for the weary! I wish there was more time in the day to get things done. Right!  But nonetheless, the shop has become another baby for us that we look forward to watching grow and blossom into something wonderful!  
If you could be BFFs with any celebrity who would it be?
As of today, we would love to be BFFs with Susan Petersen, from Freshly Picked. She is such an inspiration to the two of us! After being a long time Freshly Picked fan and hearing her inspirational story on Shark Tank, we couldn’t be more of a fan. As far as business goes, she’s got it! She did it and continues to do it! Susan has made a name for herself and her familyHaving inspirational women like her to look up to only drives us to do better!

Thanks so much for sharing ladies! So fun getting to know more about you both! I admire you even more and loved reading your answers! Seems like you both have learned a lot from this experience and have a great support system!These ladies are true gems and are kind enough to offer all my readers 15% off using the code, "LITTLESLIFE" (good till May 31st)! Just jump over to and shop away!! Make sure you are following them on instagram as well (@thespoutedarrow) to be the first to see their giveaways and sales!

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Meet Nicole // Dot Dot Smile

I haven't been able to update as often as I'd hoped lately, but being a dance teacher in the middle of competition season, and preparing for recital has been a tad bit stressful! Not to mention being a SAH mom at the same time. Sometimes my head is spinning, but I have not forgotten to share with you my favorites... just has to be at the right time :) So without further delay, I bring you... Dot Dot Smile!! I'm positive you have heard of the company before, probably you've even bought from them! I wouldn't be surprised at all ;) But do you know Nicole? When you buy these amazing leggings, skirts, dresses, etc from Dot Dot Smile, you are supporting a dream, a mommy, working to provide for her family and doing what she loves! We'll get to her in a minute, but first, let me show you some of the great threads she creates just in case you haven't seen them before!!

I mean, who doesn't love a good black and white print?

I must say the fits are just perfect! And did I mention these leggings are the softest things I own!! For real.

aaannnd these two crazies have a pair of their own leggings as well! So stretchy and cozy! And duh boys can rock them too!

Basically, there's some kind of magic she puts in the material that she makes these great items with because they fit too too well and feel like butter! Not only that but you HAVE to check out all the prints that she has available! They are just the cutest and not what you would typically be able to find in the average store.

Nicole is extremely hard working and dedicated! She's also fabulous, adventurous, and funny! Its obvious that her personality comes out in the clothes that she creates and I LOVE that! She's just the sweetest and so talented! I love that she had a vision and dove after it! Ok ok, read about her yourself... meet Nicole...

Nicole and her cute as ever family!!

How did Dot Dot Smile come about?
I launched Dotdotsmile one year ago this month (March 2013) I was sitting in my family room the night after Super Bowl Sunday. I just put my girls down & was enjoying a little time alone before I went to bed. January is a very slow month for my other business.. I do Hair & Make-up for weddings, & I still do that as well. I have been doing weddings & hair for 9 years. Anyway.. Since it was slow season we were having a tough time financially. I remember checking out IG & looking at all the cute children's clothing items & feeling sad that I couldn't get any for my little girls... Right then the idea to start my own children's clothing line rushed into my brain like it was meant to be. (My Mom is the owner of an adult clothing line called LuLaRoe.. so starting my children's clothing line was a little easier with her connections) As soon as I got that thought I rushed to grab a pencil & paper & started making notes & sketches. I was SO excited. The very next morning I ran to Down Town LA & met with pattern designers & start making my samples. It was very scary because I used all of our savings to start DDS. It was a HUGE leap of faith & I am SO happy & thankful I made that leap. DDS has been so much fun & such a huge blessing in out lives. Once the samples were finished, I started production & launched on Instagram March 2013  it blew up.. We could barely keep up with order.. it was SO exciting.  I especially love having DDS because our items are one of a kind. You will not be able to find them anywhere but here. They are super stylish & speak for there own when your child wears our items. You don't have to had much fuss to dress our items up. They are super comfortable & trendy.   (long story short)  :) 
Is there meaning behind the name? If so do share :)
Yes, When I started Dotdotsmile, I was unsure on the name.. I had about 20 to choose from but they were all made up fun names that just didn't scream the line! At the time I was teaching my 3 year old daughter how to draw happy faces, I would say to her over & over " Circle, dot, dot, smile" for making the happy face.. she would then walk around the house repeating over & over " Dot, dot, smile" . Then in the middle of the night one night, my husband woke me up & said " Honey, I know the name for your company.. Dotdotsmile!" Right then I knew this was the name! I was so thrilled!! Its a cute name with a meaning behind it! 

What are some things that you've learned from growing your own business?
Oh my gosh!! Where do I start... well first of all, time management. Learning how to make my children & family first priority & not stressing about my businesses. Being in the moment & not thinking of work while with my kids & husband. Using my time wisely while the girls are napping/sleeping & at school. I only have a 3 hour time block to get things done, so I need to jump on it & be productive. Also, letting go & knowing that I cannot always be in control. I recently hired an employee to help with orders & such. It has been a HUGE help but it's been hard to let go & not be in control. I actually feel normal for once. Going to bed at a decent hour (Before 2AM) haha!  I have also learned to be more creative.. I have a very creative mind & I love using this in DDS. It has been so fun to let go & use DDS as a creative outlet. 
Another important thing I have learned with DDS & owning my own businesses is to have faith.. there are too many times when it is slow & you just have to remind yourself that it will pick up. You have to have faith that things will work itself out, as long as you are doing your part & working hard, it will ll be ok!

Whats a typical day in the life of Nicole?
On a good day I try to wake up & work out at 6AM (Doesn't happen too often) 
Normally my oldest daughter wakes us up around 7AM
I put gym clothes on, & start making breakfast for my kids & hubby while the baby is sleeping & husband is getting ready for work. I'm a juicer, so I try to juice every morning too! I then work out.. Normally at home (Lately Brazilian Butt Lift does the job.. haha!) I then clean the house, I feel like I can't relax until things are put away. I then get the kids dressed & get myself ready for the day. I'm the kind of person that gets ready  everyday even if we have nothing to do that day, I feel so much better about myself when I get myself dressed. Weird.. I know!  I got it from my mama! Then I try to get out & do something fun with my kids... park, mall, library, play date, Disneyland, Beach.. Whatever.. just something to keep them active & out of the house. This is also when we run errands! I then come home make the kids & myself lunch. After lunch I put the girls down for naps/ quiet time & I head to our office to get some work done. My girls normally nap for 3 hours, so I have only 3 hours to get stuff done. Some days I have a Nanny come to the house if I have clients at my studio ( Since I still do weddings!) or if I just need to get a lot of work done or head to LA to our manufacturer to finalize details on the upcoming DDS items or shopping for new fabrics!... its a big help!  I try to stay focused when I am working.. I get distracted so easily. Once the girls wake from their nap, We have snack & go for a walk or play in the back yard until its dinner time. I then make dinner, & daddy comes home.. we try to eat dinner all together every night. Then bath time & bed time for the girls, then alone time for Mommy & daddy.. We try to set time aside for us to spend with each other.. its so easy to forget about your spouse when you are so busy with work & kids. Then my hubby goes to the gym & I either read, catch up on TV shows or work!! Since I hired an Employee for DDS, I no longer have to stay up late working.. I actually can get 8 hours of sleep. Its so nice. My DDS helper comes 3 days a week for a few hours. Annnd thats a typical day in the life of Nicole!! :) 

What is something super quirky about you?
OMG.. hahah I am a total nerd.. I love to laugh & make others laugh too. I love dancing & having dance parties with my kids.. I always make silly faces at my kids & do whatever it takes to make them laugh too! hmmmm.. I also love fashion, I love mixing & matching colors & patterns in a weird way that works. I do the same when I dress my kids too! Oh & I love cheesy jokes too! Like the Laffy taffy kind! haha!  I am also a big foodie, asks anyone that knows me! I love trying new food & eating fabulous! 

Who/what has inspired you the most along your journey?
Definitely my Mom! She has always been a entrepreneur & she is always encouraging her children ( There are 7 of us) to step out of the box & be your own boss. Like I said, she is the owner of LuLaRoe & it has been so inspiring to see her success & the growth of her business. Its exciting that,  that could be the future of DDS as well.  I am also inspired by my older sister Amelia. She is an amazing Wedding Photographer here in Southern CA & she is  a mom of 3. She has the work/ family balance life perfected.. I am so inspired with her faith & patience as a working mom! I am also inspired by all of the other amazing working moms & shops out there. IG has been so great to meet some of the most amazing & talented women in this world. I am so inspired & uplifted by the success of others & it so great to see that! 

If you could have any super power what would it be?
I wish I had the super power to have my house clean by snapping my fingers... I feel like cleaning my house takes up SO much time.  And I just read that Bethany from Tiny Bandits Kids  said the same thing... Man the life of a working mom! hahah! The things that make us happy! :) 

LOVED reading Nicole! Great advice... time management and having faith are so so necessary when starting something on your own 100%! I think you are such an inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing all of that with us! For all you lovely readers out there, dying to grab a pair of leggings for yourself, or maybe a skirt, dress, or leggings for your little? Just head over to and use the code, "FREESHIPPING" to, yes you guessed, receive free shipping on your order! Happy shopping! And thanks so much Nicole!

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Meet Annie // Mischief Makers Apparel

A few months ago I stumbled upon a little shop that hadn't even opened yet. But I liked their name and logo so I followed :) What I didn't know at the time, was how completely rad this kids clothing line was really going to be! Annie gets it!! There just isn't a better way to put it! It's like she understands the mind of a child and the wants of a parent. The sayings on the shirts are so playful and the pants are not only the cutest, but the softest things ever! These kids' clothes are made for comfort and style alike which is so so hard to find! She's also been so sweet and so so supportive in what I'm trying to do here on The Littles Life Blog. I'm so blessed to be able to introduce lovely people and shops like this to you! It really makes the world feel smaller and makes me happy to share the people that are working so hard to bring quality, affordable, stylish items to you and your fam! Sometimes its just a matter of knowing that its there!! Here's a few pics to show you the goodness Annie sent my littles!

"straight up aweseome" & "mischief monster" oh how appropriate haha

sometimes they get mushy and it KILLS me!

the buttons, the knee patches, the geo print...oh my! oh and those cute bellies!

"whooo it says I'm awesome!!"

"look Mom, this is how you be awesome..."

Now you believe me right? So good! She even has mini cruisers, sunglasses, and hats on her website ( in addition to clothes! I did a little interview with her and  I loved reading her answers! Meet Annie guys!!

Annie and her little beauty

Where did the name Mischief Makers Apparel come from?

The idea for the store's name was inspired by my daughter, Avairy. She has always been super curious and once she was able to crawl, it was game over! Cords were being pulled left and right and drawers being climbed. Me and Jordan, would always call her 'Kee Duh', which means trouble maker in my language. 

I brainstormed a million and one different store names, but none of them really meshed well with that trouble maker image I wanted for the brand. 

Then out of left field, Jordan suggested the name Mischief Makers. It was actually a funny moment cause he was helping me with names for awhile and every idea he had was, well pretty bad haha. 
And from there the rest is history!

What big goals/dreams do you have for your business?

I hope to one day turn the shop into an actual brick and mortar business. That has always been one of my biggest dreams for as long as I can remember. I use to go to bed every night and literally fall asleep envisioning what kind of floors or light fixtures or shelves the store would have haha.

Who or what has inspired you the most?

Hands down, my family. I've had the entrepreneurial heart even as a child, but throughout my life I couldn't pin point what exactly would fill that dream store I always wanted to own. It wasn't until I had my first child that I realized what the missing link was. Her spirit, curiosity and amazement inspires me and the business everyday. And it was Jordan's encouragement and enthusiasm for a dream that isn't even his own, that has pushed me this far. 

Susan from Freshly Picked is definitely a huge inspiration for so many momprenuers like myself. She has done things that seemed so unattainable for the stay at home mom. She's amazing!

And of course all the shops I've come across and gotten to know on Instagram. Each one of them have done different and inspiring things. I look up to so many of them.

What have you learned, or whats been some of your biggest take aways, from starting this business?

I still have plenty of mistakes and learning to do, but so far my biggest take away and best advice I would tell someone is 'You get what you pay for'. 

When you're first starting a business you have your money spread out pretty thin and so finding the cheapest alternative to something can be so appealing. But honestly it's experience and professionalism that half your money is paying for and it is worth it in the end. I had to go through this mistake a handful of times for me to actually believe that this is true.

If you could have a super power what would it be?

TO NEVER BE TIRED! haha Seriously, could you imagine all the things that you could do if you never got tired?? Taking care of kids would be a breeze and working out probably wouldn't suck as much lol

quirkiest fact about you...

I truly believe that pregnancy cleared my blindness lol I use to have to wear glasses 24/7 since high school, but once I got pregnant I couldn't stand to wear them anymore! And ever since then I haven't needed to. I mean I'm still blind a little, but for some reason I can actually function without them now lol I don't know, maybe it's not a new thing that's happened with pregnant women, but it still amazes me! lol

whats a top priority on your bucket list?

Traveling for sure! I would have to thank Instagram for this one. I follow a lot of people from all over the world and the people that happen to be from Australia I tend to creep the most lol
It just looks so beautiful there and I would love to see it all for myself one day! Then next on my list would be Africa. And of course you gotta see Italy, Paris, New Zealand, Ireland…the list goes on!

OH I like the "never be tired" super power idea! How many times have I thought the exact same thing haha. Thanks for sharing Annie and of course I wish you all the best as you move forward with your brand!! We are big fans over here! Annie has been kind enough to offer all of you readers out there a discount code to use when purchasing! Just use the code LITTLEMISCHIEF for 25% off all orders over $25. The link is and be sure to follow them on instagram (@mischiefmakersapparel) so you get notified on sales and new releases!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Meet Sarah // Wee Structed

I'm so inspired by Sarah and her "go get 'em" attitude. Also she's sweet as pie! She's been one of my biggest supporters along with a handful of others that have been super encouraging as I've started this little venture of mine! She's a gem and happens to be so very talented! She has this super rad shop called "Wee Structed" and there's a lot of great Cali inspired items and collabs on her site! She's so creative, is always coming up with new ideas, and thinks outside the box! Her tees are ridiculously soft and not something you'd see at the mall (thank goodness!). She has a great variety of kids items in her shop, which I love! She prides herself on the quality and uniqueness of the items that she produces and I for one truly truly appreciate that! Here's the cutest, softest tee she sent us so you can get an idea :)

tee: Wee Structed, leggings: Ollie Jones Clothing

he may not officially be a "cali cub", but he sure does look like one! And we will just rep for our friends that live out there :)

This tee is a collaboration with Loved By Hannah and Eli / IG @lovedbyhannahandeli :) Match made in heaven!

Now that you've seen a little tease of what she has to offer, let's go ahead and learn a little bit more about the funny, witty, beautiful Sarah :)

Sarah with her youngest

looking fab while toting the littles ;)

the guys :)

How did your business come about? 

It was always a dream of mine to be a designer ever since I was little and had that stencil plate design toy. Remember, the one that you rub the crayon over and then get to color in the clothes?  Seriously, I have loved sketching outfits and altering clothing since I was a wee one myself.  I had my own style early on and my mother will tell you, she couldn't tell me what to wear or how to wear my clothes even as a little one. I always had to put my own spin on it somehow, very punky Brewster inspired.  It wasn't till becoming a mom and exploring my love for little fashion did I fully get into it. I just couldn't find clothes in the colors and styles that I wanted for my babes. I mean, where can you find a pair of Aqua blue linen pants for a baby boy??  Nowhere, so I made them and skirts for Lily and then when Fletcher came along I wanted cool bibs in Organic prints, so I made them and BAM!!! Weestructed was born with the encouragement of my supportive husband and a few awesome local moms that asked to purchase things they had seen on my babes...paying customers...what wait?? I can do something I love and make some mommy mad money while doing it.   Little did I realize that my childhood dream was slowly turning into a reality its surreal I still can't believe it.

Who or what would you say has been your biggest inspiration along the way?  

My wee ones, they inspire me daily, especially my daughter Lily. She is a true fashionista! She marches to the beat of her own drum, which isn't always the most popular, but nobody is gonna put that baby in the corner.  I truly pull a lot of my inspiration from them and their stories and daily activities, especially sports. My two oldest play soccer so doing our World Cup collection was completely inspired by them and their love of the game.

Tell us briefly what your typical day is like.  

Well first off, brief and a moms day don't really belong in the same sentence right? Nothing brief about our mom life days at all.  I start my day off after about two night wakings from Fletcher who still hasn't gotten the memo that he's supposed to sleep. We wake up at 5:30-6 with a quick nursing session with him followed by my first cup of coffee that I attempt to drink HOT but it never happens.  The big kids wake up EARLY they also never really got the whole sleep is a good thing memo or my husband and I must just breed NON sleepers.  I get them ready for school then out the door by 8 am, two different schools means two different drop offs so I don't make it home till about 9-9:30, then it's nursing session again, play time, followed by fingers crossed nap time at 10:30 for Fletchy.  Then its up and back out to get my preschooler, back home lunch and noonish followed by more nursing then back out to get my first grader followed by snack, playtime dinner prep, more nursing, and some homework.  Dinner is at 5:45 SHARP we are big on sitting down and doing the high lows of the day each person gets the floor and we go around asking each other how our day were followed by clean up, dishes, baths, and night rituals.  Lights out for the big kids by 7:30 followed by lights out for Fletchy around 8:30 then its off to order packing with my hubby. He does all the shipping which is a HUGE help and if I have any energy I head down to my sewing room till about 10:30.  Then off to bed fingers crossed that tonight's the night Fletchy sleeps.  You can add Soccer and girl scouts into this rotation too every tues, wed and thursday now. Phew, I'm tired already thinking about my week.

What is one of your biggest goals for this year?   

To get some sleep!!!! No really, I want to expand the brand and learn more about running this rodeo. There is so much information coming at me right now so I'm trying to take it all in and process it.  I really am hoping to work more with Pacer to raise awareness for their anti bullying charity with our "bullying is junk" shirt inspired by our son Remington.  I'm very passionate about this cause and educating others about the affects words and actions have on these little souls. A big goal is to host a run/walk in our community or at one of my children's schools this year fingers crossed I can make it happen. 

If there's one thing you've learned from creating this business from the ground up that you'd want to share, what would it be?  

Take RISK!!!  Ask Ask Ask all anybody can say is NO, but most likely they will say yes just put yourself out there, be real, be you don't try to be anybody else.  In the words of my son "I'm TRUE" I love when he says that.  Seriously just be TRUE to you.  Our collaboration Cali Cub shirt never could have become reality if I hadn't put myself out there. I emailed Sarah from Loved by Hannah and Eli and said " hey I'm not crazy I swear but I had this dream about your man cub shirt (at this point she prob thought I was crazy) and I'd love to work with you".  Two weeks later I was texting with her! I mean hello one of my IG idiols and we were working together, AMAZING!!!!

Got any hidden talents?

Not that I can share LOL 

Something that is top priority on your bucket list.  

I gotta go with my gal Rosemary from Raine and Skye on this one: just to live to raise my babies.  Simple and True I've had a few health hiccups and a big scare after Fletcher was born. It put life into perspective for me. I want to be here for them as long as possible.

Now do you see why I like her so much :) She's so genuine and fun to talk to! I kinda wanted to ask her more questions just to see what she'd say :) And boy does your "typical day" sound sooo familiar, Sarah haha. Well minus the breastfeeding as I've been done with that a couple years now ;). I love your advice on taking risk as well! Thanks for sharing Sarah! When you purchase on her website,, you only pay $1 domestic shipping! No code needed! She has limited quantities stocked right now so if you want something act fast! She has some new stuff coming to her shop soon and when that happens we'll throw a discount code your way, so make sure you are following us both on instagram (@weestructed @thelittleslife) so you don't miss out on that announcement!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Meet Heather & Ian // Vicarious Clothing

I stumbled upon this IG recently called @vicariousclothing. Right away the uniquely designed tees caught my eye!! Of course that's because they are done by this husband wife team themselves and it is clearly a creative outlet for them! Their kids' tees are great for girls and boys and are cozy enough to wear daily! I saw that they had a "DC" tee and immediately decided I must have it! I mean how often do you find a tee like that?! Heather and Ian are the absolute sweetest! I admire them so much for the way they've gone "all in" to put more time into their business! Did you know they also have really great adult tees now too?! They've done such a great job and I'm excited to show you the cute tees they sent us!!!

my little hood rats ;)

I love that these tees fit their personalities SOO perfectly! Ryder is the "city" kid who loves to travel and learn new things, Kylan is the energetic surfer lookin, beach lovin "beach bum", and Nyah has a stellar imagination!! I love that Vicarious Clothing has a variety to choose from and obviously great colors! I'm also a big fan of the fact that all three of my kids can wear something from them! Now that you've seen the goods, let's meet the lovely couple behind the clothing!

straight out of mag!

Ian and Heather

How was Vicarious Clothing born?
Ian: Honestly, we just wanted a way to make some extra cash on the side. Turns out, we enjoyed the process so much, that we decided to make it our goal to go full time with it. After a couple years of hard work and planning, we went out on a limb and I quit my day job to pursue Vicarious Clothing full time. That was almost two years ago and thankfully we have been growing ever since.

How did you decide on that name?
Heather: It was Ian who thought of the actual name. We basically wanted to make designs that kids could wear, but that adults would think are funny, or cool. We really just want the parents to wish they could wear what their kids are wearing. So, instead of actually wearing the tees, they can live "vicariously" through their kiddos. And so the name was born:)

What are your biggest goals for this year?
Ian: We obviously want to exceed our profits from last year. We also want to introduce our products to a broader audience. We would love to grab a few wholesale accounts and also work towards getting some of our designs / products into other retail space besides just our store. 

Describe your typical day.
Heather: Hmm...with all of us living and working and schooling under the same roof, it can get a little crazy, and really no two days are ever the same! To sum it up though, I'd say most weekdays usually consist of: eating, answering emails, homeschooling our girls, (Ian) making and mailing orders, playing, Instagraming when we can (@vicariousclothing), Ian working on any new design ideas he may have, some house cleaning, and more eating, teehee ;-) We do always make it a priority to be finished with work by 5:00, so we can all have dinner together and family time after. Despite whatever craziness may have gone on during the day, it's always nice to end things on a good note. 

What are some things you've learned from starting your own business?
Ian: That its hard work :) We learned that trial and error is necessary (we had a ton of bad designs in the beginning). Honestly, we learn something new every day... From the design process, to the customer service side, all the way over the financial side, there's a lot to learn. So, I guess we've just learned how to be good stewards with the things we are blessed with. Along with that, I think as long as you treat customers with respect, and work at your craft, things generally tend to fall into place. 

If you could be BFF's with any celebrity who would it be?
Ian: that's a hard one, but at this exact moment in time, I'm really enjoying the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.. I guess I'd say Fallon. He seems like a normal dude, and I think I'd be cracking up all the time. That's always fun. 

If you could have any super power what would it be? 
Heather: Definitely the ability to teleport! There are so many amazing places in the world that I want to explore with the fam, so teleporting would obviously be the easiest (and cheapest) way to do so.

Thanks so so much for sharing Heather and Ian!! I hope you'll like the DC area as much as we do! For all if you interested in purchasing for your littles, visit and use the code "INSTAFRIEND" to recieve 20% off your purchase!! Just make sure you are following them on Instagram (@vicariousclothing)!!