Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Meet Maygie // Tiny Little Specks

Hey Everyone! I'm back at it again with another great company backed by an amazingly talented and hard working mama!! Maygie and her husband work extremely hard to bring original, playful, simple, and up to date designs to children's clothing. The tees are extremely soft, do not shrink, and are cute as ever!! They have a great variety of colors to offer and are always open to suggestions (I love that)! There's great options for both girls and boys, which is always a plus :) Maygie is so sweet and hardworking. You can tell that Family is her number one priority and that her and her husband have a passion for creating something unique that will stand out when it comes to quality and design! I LOVE the shirts that she sent my boys! Let me give you a little peak at what Tiny Little Specks is capable of and believe me... If you follow them on instagram you'll be the first to see all the new things that are in the works! So good!

Really mom? Don't you have enough photos of me?

shop local baby!

"Mom, watch how big I can get my jump!"

haha this pic is so typcial of these two (Ryder said he was getting ready to hike)

"You're my best buddy, right Kylan?" (they melt my heart seriously)

that mischevous little smirk!

HIGH FIVE for Tiny Little Specks ;)
I've had such a great time discovering, meeting, interviewing, and befriending some truly genuine, talented, and determined people! It's also been so great to be able to share these people with you all! I think it's so great to be able to support local businesses and small companies! It makes it even more fun to know their stories so you feel like you are supporting a friend. It makes the big world a smaller place :) Now that you've seen a couple of our favs from Tiny Little Specks, lets go ahead and meet the lovely Maygie herself!!

 the beautiful Maygie...

...and her crew :)

Where did the name, "Tiny Little Specks"  come from?
 It’s sort of a triple entendre (if that’s possible).  “Specks” are small things.  We don’t usually find a whole lot of what we really like in big box or large retailers.  Smaller boutiques or niche vendors tend to speak to us more than any chain.  So we wanted to be a part of a niche and provide unique, creative designs for people like us.  Also, we only make children’s clothes, so everything we produce is going to be in smaller sizes.  “Specs” are things made on the speculation of them being sold.  We came up with our shirt designs hoping that people would want and enjoy them like we do, though we do respond to feedback and will put out different colors or styles based on that feedback. I suppose it’s a tad bit superfluous to add the “Tiny Little” part, but it helps reiterate the cuteness.

What big goals/dreams do you have for your business?
 My dream for my business is to be successful enough to be able to stay at home with my littles EVERYDAY! I absolutely want my husband and I to be the ones molding them into the people they will become and I feel that I can do a better job of that if I’m at home more often. I am missing a lot spreading myself so thin by working so much.

Who or what has inspired you the most?
 I would have to say my hubby on this one. He is the hardest working man I have ever met. Being a firefighter he isn't in the most well-paid paid profession; and with 3 small kids and a wife that loves her debit cards, we don't always make it easy on him. With all of that he still makes sure we have everything we need and lots of what we want. Plus he works 2 jobs and is a senior in college. I know, crazy, right??

What have you learned, or whats been some of your biggest take aways, from starting this business?
 We live in a society that demands instant gratification and I am no different than anyone else, but with starting a business from nothing I have learned that there is a lot gained by just having PATIENCE. Yes, we all want to be successful overnight but slow and steady wins the race.

If you could have a super power what would it be?
I would want to FLY…all of my friends and family live back home in Texas. If I could fly I would visit way more than I get to now.

quirkiest fact about you...
 I get a weird tingle in my nose in crowds and cry uncontrollably. My husband and I call it "chicken nose"...

whats a top priority on your bucket list?
 I just want to simply enjoy my children and grandbabies with my husband. I think seeing your own children safe and sound with their family has to be the best feeling in the world. 

Thanks so much for sharing a little bit about you and your stellar company, Maygie! For all of you out there who are loving these tees (theres way more goodness on their website as well!), Maygie is super generous and is offering a discount code: thelittleslife that will give you 20% off of your entire order! Just go to tinylittlespecks.bigcartel.com to order!!

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