Friday, March 21, 2014

Meet Laura & Summer // Salt & Pepper

I came accross Laura and Summer's instagram a couple weeks ago and died at all the perfect looking tees they had going on! I'm always always on the hunt for a great tee that you can dress up or down and feel comfortable in! I have a couple at home that I wear on the regular, but I'll admit, I'm a picky girl! It has to be soft... very soft! Affordable is also an adjective I'd like to throw in there. It has to NOT shrink for goodness sake and it absolutely MUST be not too tight and not too baggy :) I loved all the sayings on the shirts and knew that if I put it on and it fit the bill, I'd be hooked. Well don't you know... their tees are EVERYTHING!! I ended up trying a medium which fit great! I could have gone with a small, but honestly the baggier feel kinda grew on me and I can't stop wearing it!!! Its incredibly soft, affordable, the v-neck is perfection, and it doesnt shrink to fit my 8yr old daughter! I also love the basic charcoal grey color. It pretty much goes perfect with anything!

little man got his feelings hurt because he wanted to be in the picture with mommy

I like to make him happy :) and he's cute so why not!
here's just a taste of the other great tees
Honestly I don't think there's one thing I could point out that would have made it better than it is. I will be needing more of the others in my closet now that I know how perfect these are. There's just one other thing I have to mention! The ladies that started this whole thing...well lets just say they are just as rad as the tee I'm raving about! If you want to feel like you are ordering clothes from a friend you should go right ahead and jump on this opportunity :) I'm actually being very serious. Laura and Summer are so sweet, answered many of my questions, and shipped me this tee in a heart beat! Clearly they have customer service down! It's been so fun getting to know them better and to see first hand how talented these ladies really are! Their vision for the company is making me so excited to see what else they come up with! I'm gonna stop blabbing now and let  you see for yourself! Meet Laura and Summer!!!

Laura & Summer

How did Salt & Pepper tees come about?
Laura:  I kept seeing a lot of graphic tees out there, but I didn’t love them.  I knew that I could take that concept and put my own creative spin on it.  I already had some connections to make it happen pretty easily, like a screen printer, photographer and web designer.  I knew I needed to team up with someone who had a really good eye for fashion.  Summer was a perfect fit to bring it all together.  We came up with designs, searched for the best fitting tees, and Salt & Pepper was born!
 What would you say has been your biggest inspiration along the way?
Our biggest inspirations come from what we are seeing now in the fashion world, and doing our best to keep things fresh and current.  We are also very inspired by our surroundings here in Southern California.  We want our tees to be fun, casual, but also stylish.
What are some of your biggest goals moving forward?
We have wanted to continually stay true to our concept from the beginning.  Simple designs, simple colors, that can be paired with anything and everything.  Our plan is to release new tees every season. And the possibility of either a kids line or a mens line has been talked about.
How would you describe your personal style?
Laura:  My favorite outfit has always been jeans and a white or black tshirt.  Then of course styling it up with great shoes and accessories!  I also love layering with a leather jacket or fun kimono. So, my style summed up is great basics with a bit of edge.
Summer: I love anything from a comfy pair of sweats to a fun lace dress. My mom uniform is usually a great fitting tee with jeans, or harem pants and a flannel or denim shirt tied around my waist. I never spend a lot of money on my clothes but will splurge on shoes. Foot comfort is everything!
Whats something that you've learned from starting your own business?
We are both moms that have always worked one way or another.  We have both independantly freelanced and worked with small businesses.  So in a way, we already knew the basics of starting a company.  But, of course there’s always more to learn!  With Salt & Pepper, we’ve learned so much about t-shirt manufacturing and screen printing.  Its amazing how much work actually goes into making such a simple product!

If you could have any super power what would it be?
Laura: That’s a tough one!  I think time travel would be really amazing. To go back to certain times in history would be the coolest!
Summer: hmmm- I would have to agree with Laura. There are some really fun childhood memories that are so blurry and vague. I would love to be a kid again and see the world that way.
Whats something that is top priority on your bucket list?
Laura: Learn to sail!
Summer:  Learn to cook! I’m horrible!

hmm a possible mens and kids line? Count me in as your first customer ladies!! So excited for what's to come and glad you took time out of your busy lives to let us get to know you both a little better! You MUST visit their website and buy a tee so you can be completely addicted like me. You'll see what I mean :) their website is and these ladies decided to be really generous and offer a discount code: LITTLES15 to receive 15% off your purchase from now through the end of March! They have a free shipping code set up on their website too if you spend over $50 and they said you can use it in addition to the code I just gave you!! What's stopping you now? :)