Friday, March 7, 2014

Meet Felica // Pacpacks

So there's these super cute and adorable little back packs aka "pacpacks" that I'm SURE you've seen floating around IG and everywhere else. They stand apart because their patterns are not cheesy or super babyish... they are also not boring :) I love that they took the theme/branding of the giraffe inside the back packs to pair with the logo (see bottom photo)! How creative!

showing their pacpacks off at the beach

oh you know... just grocery shoppin'

getting geared up for their picnic (they wanted to pack their own stuff)

All Nyah's fav things in her pacpack

Clearly we take them EVERYWHERE! They are light-weight and the perfect size for the little ones to carry it themselves (we had Kylan use it as a diaper bag that HE carried haha). Aside from school they've been great for sleep-overs at Mimi and Pop pops, goodies packed for long car rides, packing for a play date, the beach, the pool... you name it!!! Our pacpacks have been ALL over the place! the little outside pocket is insulated so you can put a juice box or little squeezey applesauce in it to stay chilled. Its all in the little details right? The kids feel so cool when they put it on so they actually end up carrying it themselves! Now mommy doesn't need to walk around with a huge purse all the time or an extra bag/diaper bag. Felica has been a joy to work with in the past! It's so evident that she is dedicated, driven, and humble! She has lots of ideas a brewin' for the next school year so you can bet that her creative juices will be producing some pretty amazing prints and more!! If you're not already following her on instagram (@pacpacks) you MUST! That way you'll be the first to know when her new stuff arrives! You can also go to and sign up to receive emails or make a purchase ;) (more deets at the bottom of the page)

I recently had the opportunity to interview this lovely lady and I'd love to share this little Q & A sesh with you all!

Felica and her husband

cutest preggo ever!

How did pacpacks come about? 

my business partner kept seeing his little nieces lugging around these huge packs with achy backs! we decided to make bags that were not only functional for the littles of the world but looked rad too.

Who or what would you say has been your biggest inspiration along the way? 

all the mamas out there striving to make their creativity work for them. we love to see all the new small businesses popping up; also the thought of providing for my one day family!

What's a day in the life of Felica? 

my hubby and I just bought a house, so between random renovation projects, preparing for our babe in July, my day job and trying to pour creativity into pacpacks its a pretty packed schedule. I also love to cook and try random new recipes and read! (suggestions welcome!)

What is one of your biggest goals for this year? 

be the best new mama to my little man that I can be, also to show the world our new pacpacks patterns coming for back to school 2014!

If there's one thing you've learned from creating this business from the ground up that you'd want to share, what would it be? 

be patient. very patient. your idea is probably absolutely wonderful but sometimes a fire takes awhile to light! also make as many connections as possible with those who have similar interests as you so you can network.

Got any hidden talents? Or something no one would guess about you! 

Ive never eaten a twinkie, definitely not a talent but something random ;)

Something that is top priority on your bucket list. 

I know this isn't the most intense of bucket list goals but I want to create a loving and happy home for my family, one that is welcoming to all those who enter!

Thanks so much for sharing Felica!!! I'm so excited to continue to watch your business grow and see all that you have in store for our little ones! Also congrats on expecting your first!! So exciting all the adventures that you have ahead!

PURCHASE DETAILS: first of all Felica is offering all my blog/IG followers a whopping 25% off the pacpacks!! Wanna know whats even better?? They are already on sale right now as she's gearing up for the new designs for fall!! That means you're getting double the discount and who doesn't LOVE that?! Dont forget to follow the pacpacks Instagram account (@pacpacks) so that you can get future discounts and be the first to know when the new line is launched. To purchase go to and use the code: "littles" for your added discount! It will last only one week from today, so make sure not to wait!

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