Thursday, March 13, 2014

Meet Cheryl // Ollie Jones Clothing

This lady right here (Cheryl) has some serious skillz!! First of all, her leggings are all made of 100% organic cotton! Second, her prints are to die for! She has some great unisex options and a few geared more toward the little ladies. My kids looove them! Thanks Cheryl, for working so hard to create something so unique and of great quality!! Check out the pics for more details and how we like to wear them :)

when the girl gets home from wearing a uniform all day, she cannot WAIT to wear her second outfit of the day... today she "needed" her "heels" to complete her look :)
tag view on back of leggings

I love the little tag on the upper outside of the back of the pants! Its just one of those small details that I think shows you how she brands her business and how she pays attention to the little things! All her prints are exclusive to her and she hand cuts, sews, and designs these all herself!! Basically she's a rock star ;) She's adding some new prints for spring very soon so make sure to follow her on instagram (@olliejonesclothing) and check out her website >> to see all the great prints she has available now!! Also, she's generously offering a 20% off discount for you lovely people using the code: "thelittleslife" from now till March 17th!! Might wanna jump on that before her inventory runs low! Now lets officially meet Cheryl!!

Cheryl and her cutie patootie son!

How did Ollie Jones Clothing come about?
Like so many other moms out there, after having my son in 2012, I was faced with the daunting prospect of going back to work. As much as I had previously loved the thrill and excitement of my 60hr/week fashion career–with the daily hour-long commute to boot–I was NOT looking forward to jumping back into that particular grind after my maternity leave ended. So I quit.
My little home based business started because of frustration - I just couldn't find pants for my son that were both comfortable and fashion forward. I always wanted to buy him leggings, but so many had bows or frills or just too plain. How could I deny my son the comfort that us Mom's have been wearing during pregnancy, post pregnancy.....well, let's face we would all live in them if we could. So out came the sewing machine and after cutting up a really cool Tee shirt of mine...the perfect pair of leggings were born.

Who or what would you say has been your biggest inspiration along the way?
My biggest inspiration is all the other MOMpreneurs out there who have created businesses after having their kids.  Seeing Susan Peterson from Freshly Picked on Shark Tank was pretty inspirational.

Tell us briefly what your typical day is like.
Waking up at 7am to my 2 year old saying "Mama" over the monitor.  Hanging out with my boy all day and then working in my studio every chance I get.

What is one of your biggest goals for this year?
My biggest goal this year is to start to turn a profit!

If there's one thing you've learned from creating this business from the ground up that you'd want to share, what would it be?
I’ve learned about the power of social media to promote your brand.  Before starting this business I didn’t even have a Facebook account.  I had to learn very quickly how to use these tools!

If you could have a super power what would it be?
 I would love to travel through time.  Being a first time mom I was a bit overwhelmed with anything to do with my son, I wish I could go back in time and enjoy those moments more.

Something that is top priority on your bucket list.  
Hands down to be a contestant on Survivor – I’m a huge fan that has watched the show since the very beginning and would love to have Jeff Probst say “Cheryl, the tribe has spoken”

Thanks so much for sharing Cheryl!! Its been a joy meeting you and getting to know you better. It's no surprise that you pretty much blew up overnight!! You and your leggings are TOO good and people are starting to figure that out :) Thanks for sharing a little about yourself with all of us! xx

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